The Chance Legacy: 5.6

01.png“Sylvia, you look different,” Serena says while sitting next to her on the sofa.

“That’s because I have transformed into a vampire,” Sylvia says simply.

“A vampire?!” Serena asks frightened. “Are you going to drink my blood?”

“No, silly child,” Sylvia says. “I would not drink the blood of family members.”

“That’s a relief,” Serena says. She has to admit, she thinks her sister looks kind of cool.

02.png“Hey, Sylvi-Oooh!” Spencer says startled. He has been working very hard for little pay and is tired. Her new appearance shocks him.

“You are to call me Lady Sylvia from now on,” Sylvia says regally. “Is that clear?”

“You look different,” Spencer says taking a desperate sip of coffee. “Did you get a new haircut?” Sylvia rolls her eyes at her brother’s attempt at humor. Ever since he got a job in social media, he has been relentless.

“I’m a vampire,” Sylvia, says, putting her hands on her hips.

“I thought you were looking a little pale,” Spencer replies with a grin. “I figured you just needed more iron in your diet–Guess I was right!”

“Quiet, mortal,” Sylvia snaps.

03.pngSylvia goes upstairs and finds her mother.

“Sylvia!” Sophie says startled by her daughter’s sullen appearance.

“It’s Lady Sylvia,” Sylvia replies. “I’m a vampire now, and will be addressed as such.” Sophie grins.

“I’ve always wanted to be a vampire, myself,” she says. “So attractive and powerful…”

“Maybe if you’re lucky I’ll turn you. For now, I’m going into the basement. The lights in the house are much too bright for me. And I think I’ll commission a nice coffin to sleep in. Maybe I’ll even renovate the basement a bit,” Sylvia muses.

“Whatever you say, Lady Sylvia,” Sophie says with a smirk.

04.pngSylvia goes on her first date as a vampire. Unfortunately, even though it is 7:00, it is still light out, and Sylvia and Naoki have to go into the sitting area next to the restrooms to continue the date before her skin burns in the sun. Luckily, Naoki is very attracted to Sylvia especially as a vampire. She finds that being inside at the park isn’t so bad and manages to have a gold medal date with Naoki.

05.pngMeanwhile, Spencer is finding himself lonely. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so he goes out to the bar, hoping to meet some ladies. He meets Avani Kumar, the mixologist and starts chatting her up. He tries a cheesy pick up line on her and fails miserably.

“What’s a beautiful woman like you doing in a place like this?” he asks.

“I work here,” she says, rolling her eyes. Luckily, Spencer thinks quickly and smooths things over.

“Of course! I just–I was just surprised to see such a captivating woman behind the bar,” Spencer says.

“You think I’m captivating?” Avani says flattered. Spencer puts his hands on his hips. I’ve still got it! He thinks! He decides to leave before he screws it up.

06.pngSerena’s favorite thing to do other than playing the piano is playing space explorer!

“I’m not just some pretty princess!” she shouts as she pretends to shoot the laser. “Die, alien scum!” She giggles. This is fun! She thinks to herself. She does wish she had some friends to play with, however.

07.pngSophie becomes and elder. She decides to dress slightly more modestly, with a sweater, longer pencil skirt, and tights. Her sweater still shows her back, so she can maintain some of her sexuality. She dyes her hair, but it is not enough to cover the amount of gray she has. She has no plans of retiring and still hacks and does freelance work when she has the time. I’m not old! She reassures herself.

08.pngSerena also has a birthday.

“What are you supposed to be?” Sylvia asks.

“It’s artsy!” Serena says, taken aback.

“Whatever,” Sylvia says sneering. Despite Sylvia’s attitude, she and Serena have become close. Serena thinks her sister being a vampire is very “retro,” and Sylvia can’t help but admire Serena’s sense of fashion, even if it is a little out there.

09.pngSylvia goes on a date to the Rattlesnake Juice Bar with Todd. unfortunately, she finds herself very thirsty. She has some plasma packs, but she can’t resist getting a fresh drink when she’s around so many delicious smelling sims. She compels Nobuya Ikeda for a small drink, and finds him particularly refreshing. Everyone in the bar is shocked, including Todd. Sylvia realizes maybe she should have taken her drink somewhere more private. Luckily, Todd is so captivated by Sylvia that he seems to forget, and the two have a gold medal date.

10.pngSpencer helps Serena with her homework. She is quite bright, but Spencer likes to offer his help anyway. She is his favorite sister, after all. Sylvia has an attitude and kind of scares him.

11.pngUnfortunately, the family is still struggling financially. They renovated their house too much, and now the bills are too high. Sylvia has taken a job in the political career track, and Spencer has advanced to Simstagram Searcher in his social media career. Serena decides she needs to find a part-time job. She decides to become a barista. It won’t pay much, but it’s something.

12.pngSerena starts practicing her mixology skill, but already finds herself stressed. She hasn’t even started her job yet, but school, homework, and practicing her skills is enough.

13.pngSerena unhappily goes to her first day of work. This outfit is so unfashionable! She thinks.

14.pngSpencer finally gets the courage to invite Avani over. Since he hasn’t dated in a long time, his self-esteem isn’t where it should be. Luckily, she seems quite taken with him. He realizes he certainly has a “type.” He wonders how Myra is doing.

15.pngSpencer and Avani have some fun in the hot tub. Spencer is thrilled since it has been so long. He finds Avani very sexy.

“That was pretty good,” Avani says. Spencer grins and puts his his hands behind his head to relax. “For someone like you, I mean…”

“What do you mean?” Spencer demands.

“I just mean…inexperienced. But don’t worry. I wouldn’t expect you to be. It’s not like you’re that attractive.” Spencer is taken aback by Avani’s rudeness.

“Why are you with me then?” he asks offended.

“You’re a fun distraction?” she says with a grin. Spencer gets out of the hot tub and dries off.

“Maybe you should leave,” he says to Avani.

“I’m sorry,” she says. “It’s just the way I am…My ex-boyfriends have all loved my attitude…”

“Well, I don’t” Spencer says. Myra never treated him like this. Avani gets out of the hot tub and leaves.

16.pngA few days later, Spencer invites Myra over to see how she is doing. He is surprised by how beautiful she looks. She has had a makeover.

“You look amazing!” Spencer says, impressed.

“Thanks, Spencer. It’s good to see you too,” Myra says hesitantly.

“Look,” Spencer says cautiously. “I’m sorry about what happened between us.” Myra puts her hands on her hips.

“I accept your apology,” Myra says. She is not letting her guard down.

“What do you say we give us another try?” Spencer asks, taking a sip of his tea.

“Spencer, you only want to be with me because you think I’m attractive now,” Myra says, crossing her arms. “Besides, after what you did to me…”

“I’ve changed!” Spencer protests. “I haven’t dated for a really long time. I just started dating this other girl, and she turned out to be really mean. What we had was special, even if I didn’t see it then. I’ve always regretted what happened between us.” Myra shifts from foot-to-foot considering Spencer.

“We’ll see…” she says.

The Chance Legacy: 5.5

01.png“You cheated on me? With one of my friends?” Myra demands angrily.

“It only happened once!” Spencer says defensively.

“Once is enough!” Myra snaps. “Goodbye, Spencer.” Spencer sighs. Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. Maybe it’s time to pursue other women.

02.pngA newly single Spencer decides to harvest some plants and dig up some rocks. The family is still wealthy in terms of property, but their monthly bills now cause them to break even, if that. Spencer hopes to make a little more money.

Oh the humanity! He thinks as he kneels on the ground. I’m not cut out for manual labor!

Spencer decides a real job might be more lucrative and gets a job as a Clickbait Writer in the Social Media career track. He doesn’t know if he has any applicable skills, but it will bring in some money!

03.pngSylvia now has 6 boyfriends, but her relationships are suffering because she keeps getting caught on dates with others. Naoki sees her flirting with someone else and gets very upset. She then becomes jealous when he flirts with someone else. Sylvia decides she should probably keep her dates at the Chance Estate from now on. But before she goes on any more dates, she makes an effort to fix things with Naoki. He has been her boyfriend for the longest, and she doesn’t want to lose him. At first the conversation is awkward. Eventually the couple manages some mild flirting.

“You know you’re my number one, right?” Sylvia asks, pouting. It has the benefit of being true. Unfortunately, she has no plans of making Naoki her only one.

“Awww, me?” Naoki says, playing along.


04.pngSpencer starts practicing his comedy skill for his social media career. He’ll have to be funny if he wants to gain followers. Much to his family’s annoyance, he’s not.

“What do you call a duck with a toupé?” he asks no one. “Eric! That’s his name!” He can hear the drum beat in his head but then he hears his imaginary audience booing. “You have no sense of comedy!” he says angrily.

05.pngSylvia invites Genji Ikeda over and instantly starts flirting with him. He’s a vampire, and she finds that very sexy. He also has bad boy looks that she loves.

“Maybe you can bite me sometime,” she says, posing sexily. Genji seems to approve.

“Do you really want me to?” Genji asks. “I could turn you into a vampire, you know.” Sylvia grins and nods. How much sexier would she be as a creature of the night?

06.pngGenji hypnotizes Sylvia, and she feels herself go into a trance.

07.pngGenji lifts his arm over his face and transforms. It is a good thing that he has hypnotized Sylvia, because his outfit is horrible! He lunges at her and bites into his neck. Sylvia lets out a satisfied sigh.

08.pngGenji presents her with his wrist and tells her bite. Sylvia’s head is swimming, but she obeys. She feels her teeth pierce his skin and begins to suck his blood.

Over the next few days, Sylvia begins to lose her appetite. Even cereal starts tasting disgusting. Her stomach feels withered, and although she is hungry, eating seems less satisfying. Sometimes after eating, her stomach starts to glow with a strange purple light. Her stomach feels empty, and a strange energy seems to be swirling around inside it.

11.pngDespite Sylvia’s loss of appetite, she has not lost her appetite for love. Sylvia asks Roy Land to be her boyfriend, bringing her total number of boyfriends to eight! She can’t wait until she’s even more irresistible as a vampire.

12.pngSylvia doesn’t have to wait long for her transformation. A couple days after her date with Roy Land, she feels a tingling sensation in her body. A purple smoke swirls around her, and she feels her body rising in thin air.

13.pngSylvia adopts a new sense of style as a vampire. She wears a fitted purple and black high-collared gown that she thinks makes her extremely sexy. She will have to adjust to her new vampire lifestyle, but she is thrilled by how beautiful she looks.

The Chance Legacy: 5.4

Note from the author: This is kind of a horrible chapter to post on Valentine’s day, but so be it. I kind of hate it when my sims have aspirations that make them likely to cheat on their partners.  Nevertheless, here it is!

01.pngSophie and Warren find it hard to believe that their youngest is growing so fast. Now that Sylvia is a young adult, and Spencer is nearing young adulthood, Serena is the only child left in the house. Warren knows he is getting older and strives to make the most of his time with his family. He especially dotes on Serena.


“You’re going to be a beautiful young lady someday,” Warren tells her. She has his wife’s beautiful raven hair.

“I’m going to be a famous musician someday,” Serena corrects him. Warren chuckles and gives his youngest daughter a hug.

“I’m sure you will,” he says patting her on the back.

02.pngMeanwhile, Sylvia is still working her way through eligible bachelors. She has been on a few dates with Youssef, and finds herself very taken with him. She finds him exotic and interesting. He unfortunately does not know about her dalliances with other men.

“You’re my Arabian prince,” Sylvia says taking his hand. “My Aladdin.” Youssef smiles. Sylvia is so beautiful and has been nicer to him than many people in Willow Creek. Many people see his turban and think he is dangerous. He is grateful that Sylvia accepts him and understands that all he wants is a peaceful life.

“Does that make you my Jasmine?” he asks, kissing her gently on the cheek. Sylvia answers by kissing him on firmly the lips. She thinks Youssef is very sweet, and almost feels guilty about the date she has scheduled later that very day.

03.pngGengi Shimizu comes over later that day. He is a little bit older than most of the men she dates, but Sylvia finds him distinguished. She loves a mature man. He is also very receptive to her flirtation, and it isn’t long before they are kissing in the gaming room.

Why settle for one flavor when I can have all thirty-one? Sylvia thinks to herself as she kisses Gengi.

04.pngSophie has reached the top of her career and finds she has much more time to herself now that she isn’t striving to climb the ladder. She enjoys swimming in the pool and soaking in the hot tub. She is glad to be part of a legacy family because it has come with a lot of luxuries.

05.pngWarren is also enjoying more free time now that he had reached the top of his job. He has gotten into writing. He especially likes to write poetry. He still paints from time to time when he feels inspired, but he finds that writing is more profitable.

06.pngSpencer is still dating Myra. She hasn’t found out about him and Saanvi. Spencer feels a twinge of guilt as he kisses Myra. Saanvi is very sexy, but Myra is his girlfriend. He hopes she never finds out about what they did…

07.pngSylvia meets Roy Land and Antwan Murdok outside of the club one night. She is quick to take the opportunity to flirt with both of them.

“You both look so classy,” she says.

“Well, you know,” Antwan says, checking his reflection in his phone’s camera with satisfaction. “We’ve gotta look good to find beautiful ladies!” Sylvia laughs much harder than is necessary.

“What about you, handsome?” She asks Roy. “Are you looking for beautiful ladies?”

“I’ve just found one,” Roy says grinning. Sylvia giggles and swings her hips a little. She gives her number to both of them. Flirting is way too easy.

08.pngSylvia meets Tetsu Nakamura the  next day. He is dressed up as if he attended a formal event. His beard is a little too big for her liking, but she thinks he might be rich. He also looks pretty good in a tuxedo. She is quick to start flirting with him, and he seems charmed. She kisses him and then goes on her way.

09.pngRoy Land asks Sylvia on a date to a lounge, and she accepts. He is less good looking in the daylight, she thinks. Nevertheless, she flirts with him and accepts a kiss at the end of their date.

10.pngHer next flirtation is with Nobuya Ikeda. She loves his fluffy blonde hair. He’s unfortunately a bit insane.

“Yarbo?” he asks.

“What?” Sylvia replies, wondering if she misheard him.

“Yarbo!” he insists.

“Oh, whatever,” Sylvia says leaning in to kiss him. He’s not the first crazy man she’s kissed, and he won’t be the last.

Are my standards too low? she wonders to herself.

11.pngSylvia calls Antwan and asks him out on a date. She takes him to a karaoke bar in San Myshuno, but not much singing happens. Unfortunately Nobuya and Tetsu are both there. She waits to go inside until Tetsu leaves. She doesn’t want him of Nobuya to see her with another man. When Tetsu leaves, even though Nobuya is still there, she decides she can’t just stay outside and goes in. She flirts with Antwan and kisses him. Luckily, Nobuya is too busy singing karaoke to notice. Now that she’s kissed 10 different men, it’s getting hard to sneak around!

12.pngWarren dies in the bathroom, and Sophie runs in to see her husband on the cold floor. She hopes he was able to smell the flowers before he died.
“No!” She cries. She has grown to love him more and more over the years. He has proven to be an excellent husband and wonderful father. At least, she thinks, Witnessing his death has allowed me to complete my Public Enemy Aspiration!

13.png“Mommy, it’s going to be okay,” Serena says, hugging her mother. Serena has spent much of the day crying, but makes an effort to comfort her mother. She knows her mother is worried about taking care of her without her husband. Warren doted on Serena, and Sophie is scared to raise a child by herself.

“Thank you, honey,” Sophie says, bending down to hug her daughter.

14.pngSpencer also tries to cheer his mother up.

“Don’t worry, Mom,” he says. “I’m almost a young adult, and I can help you take care of Serena.”

“I can take care of myself!” Serena says putting her hands on her hips. Sophie and Spencer chuckle.

15.pngSpencer becomes and adult and invites Myra over. What happened between him and Saanvi still preys on his mind, so he decides to tell her.

“Saanvi and I…” He whispers the rest of the sentence in Myra’s ear. Myra gasps and takes a step back from him. “I promise, it won’t happen again! I was a dumb teenager. I’m sorry.” Myra narrows her eyes and studies Spencer carefully. She doesn’t know whether she can believe him or not.


The Chance Legacy: 5.3

01.pngSpencer loves to play with Serena, even when she makes him play dolls. She mostly chews on them, anyway. He is a very good older brother. Sylvia, who is nearing young adulthood, helps take care of her. Because Serena is clingy, she needs lots of love and attention from everyone in the family. When Sophie and Warren aren’t at work, they spend most of their time taking care of her.  

02.pngSophie is very close to reaching the top of her oracle career and spends her time outside of work hacking and making viruses. She has become a very adept programmer and loves causing mischief, especially when she profits off of it.

03.pngWarren becomes an elder, but Sophie still finds him very attractive. His gray hair makes him look distinguished, which doesn’t hurt his career as an art critic. Despite Warren’s ulterior motives for marrying Sophie, and her love for manipulating Warren, their relationship has grown into something more real.

04.pngSpencer becomes a teenager and continues to be an excellent older brother to Serena. He loves to teach her with flashcards.

“What’s this, Serena?” he asks, holding up a flashcard of a toothbrush.

“Toof-bruh!” Serena says.

“That’s right! Brush, brush, brush!” he says tickling her. Serena giggles.

05.pngLike his sister, Sylvia, Spencer wants to be a Serial Romantic and starts out by sharing his very first kiss with Myra Chauhan when she comes over after school. She is cheerful like him, and the two get along very well. He finds her short black hair unconventionally attractive but also considers her his first step on the path to becoming a true Lothario. He only wishes he looked the part more.

06.pngDuring a second date at the park, Spencer asks Myra to be his girlfriend. He likes her a lot, but can’t help noticing her friend Saanvi Datta, who chats with them both. Saanvi is sexy and attracts him instantly. Myra can’t compete with Saanvi when it comes to attractiveness. He flirts with Saanvi while Myra isn’t looking and makes a note to himself to pursue her later.

07.pngSophie finally reaches the top of her Oracle career. She is very proud of her accomplishment and plans to continue making mischief with hacks and viruses for a long time to come. She could never give up her cool uniform!

08.pngSylvia becomes a young adult and quickly rekindles her relationship with Naoki. They were out of touch for a while because Naoki became a young adult first, but the spark between them is still there.

“That tattoo is so sexy,” Naoki says leering at her.

“I have another one on my lower back,” Sylvia says turning around for him to look. Naoki admires her lower back tattoo and then looks further down to admire her purposely clenched butt. She wiggles it a little and laughs. Naoki laughs too. He find Sylvia irresistibly sexy.

09.pngSylvia is also quick to rekindle her relationship with Todd. While he is much nicer than Naoki, she has always preferred Naoki for his badboy persona.

“I’m so glad you called, Sylvia” Todd says smiling.

“Shut up and kiss me,” Sylvia replies, greedily going in for a kiss.

10.pngSpencer invites Saanvi over and flirts with her. She doesn’t seem to care that she saw him with Myra a few days ago.

“I love your hair,” Spencer says. “It’s really sexy!”

“Thank you!” Saanvi says, flattered.

“I like a girl that’s a little wild,” he says with a wink. Saanvi giggles and fans herself with her hand. He kisses her, and they quickly end up messing around in an unoccupied bedroom upstairs. Myra can never find out about this, he thinks guiltily.

11.pngSerena becomes a child and develops a love of music like her father. She loves to practice piano in her free time.

12.pngSylvia invites Raiden Carmona over. She met him at the park as a teenager and was taken aback by his temperamental moods. Apparently he is insane and evil, but Sylvia isn’t picky.

“Did you know that there’s an underground village?” he asks, digging in the ground with his hands.

Dad isn’t gonna be happy about that, she says kicking some dirt over the small hole to try to cover it.

“Lizard people live down there, you know! I want to conquer them and become their leader!” Raiden says with a maniacal laugh. Sylvia stares at him for a minute.

“You’re much too handsome to become a lizard man,” Sylvia says leaning in for a kiss. What am I doing? she thinks.

“Will you be my lizard queen?” Raiden asks. Sylvia pauses again, stunned.

“Get out.” Sylvia says, putting the palm of her hand to her forehead. Raiden shrugs and walks away. Maybe I should be just a little bit more picky… she thinks.

13.pngWarren reaches the top of his career becoming a Grand Steward of the Arts. He doesn’t plan to retire, and still enjoys painting in his free time. Sometimes, though, he finds it hard not to critique his own art. He rarely gives anything above a C+, even to himself!

14.pngSylvia accepts an invitation to go on a date with Shauyura Ramesh. She finds herself strangely attracted to him, and she asks him to be her boyfriend. It isn’t long before the two of them start fooling around in a bush. Sylvia has to pull twigs out of her hair, but she decides it was worth it.

15.pngWarren finally reaches his aspiration of becoming a Mansion Baron, with a lot worth $420,563. The Chance Estate is large and fancy. He admires the art inside the estate, and thinks the columns on the house are the height of architectural beauty. He knows his marriage to Sophie allowed him to reach his aspiration, but he has grown to love her even more than he did when he married her.

The Chance Legacy: 5.2

01.pngSpencer becomes a child, and gets along great with his older sister. His cheerfulness rubs off on everybody in the house!

02.pngSpencer is very creative and spends most of his time drawing. Warren hopes Spencer will become an artist like him, although he can’t imagine his happy-go-lucky boy being a critic of anything.

03.pngSylvia is growing up fast, but is still afraid of monsters.

“Daddy, there’s a monster under my bed!” she screams. Warren gets up from his writing and enters the kid’s room.

“There we go!” he says, spraying the anti-monster spray. “Nothing to worry about now! Now go to bed.” Sylvia crawls into bed, and Warren tucks her in. Although Spencer is younger, he has not yet reached the stage where he is afraid of things and has slept through his sister’s screaming.

“Goodnight, kids,” Warren says quietly.


Sylvia develops a crush on a boy named Naoki. She sees him as a bad boy, and can’t quite explain why she likes him so much. She is too young to really understand or have a relationship, but the two have play dates occasionally. Sylvia worries that he only likes her because her family is rich and has an arcade.

“Wanna see me play on hard mode?” he asks grinning. Sylvia blushes and nods. Naoki is a bit of a show-off, but she doesn’t mind.

05.pngWarren’s has become very successful as an art critic. He has become a Cultural Connoisseur, and even gets fancy beret, blazer, and cravat to wear. In his spare time, he paints, writes, and practices the piano. Sophie still spends her time working on her mischief and programming skills. She has risen through the ranks of her career as an oracle quickly, and is determined to make it to the top. A few more hacks and viruses, and she knows she’ll make it.


Soon, Sophie discovers she is pregnant with her third child. Sylvia who is rapidly approaching her teenage years says “one pain in the butt brother is enough,” in an effort to be contrary, but is secretly excited for another sibling. She and Spencer are actually very good friends, and they rarely argue, but as a girl who is almost a teenager, she feels the need to roll her eyes and feign displeasure. Spencer, of course, with his naturally sunny demeanor, is ecstatic.

“I can’t wait to be a big brother!” he says with a big smile. “I’m gonna teach my baby sibling everything!” Sophie laughs and rumples Spencer’s hair. Even though Sophie is a criminal and Warren is evil, neither of them can resist smiling at the joy of their son.


Sylvia becomes a teenager, and her childhood friend Todd invites her over. She is excited for what she considers her first date. She has inherited her mother’s skill at flirting and wastes no time.

“That vest is so stylish,” she says, stroking Todd’s vest seductively.

“Thanks,” Todd says taken aback but pleased. Todd’s father enters the room, making it much harder for Sylvia to flirt. Sylvia settles for holding Todd’s hand under the table. Finally, Todd’s father leaves the room and goes to bed.

08.pngSylvia pulls Todd up from his seat, and they share their first kiss. Todd grins stupidly, and Sylvia says goodnight. She wanted to have some fun with Todd, but she has other prospects.

09.pngThe very next day, on Sylvia’s first day of high school, Naoki invites her to play hooky with him. While Sylvia got excellent grades in elementary school, she is lazy and would prefer to spend her time on more exciting activities. She meets Naoki downtown and flirts with him. Unlike Todd, Naoki is cocky and unsurprised by her flirting. The two end up making out a lot. She has liked him for a long time, and part of her warns her not blow it, but he other part of her just wants to have fun. She asks him to be her boyfriend, hoping to maintain a relationship with him and continue to flirt with Todd. Naoki says yes, and the two continue to make out.

10It’s not long before Naoki drags her into the closet and leans her up against the door while he kisses her. Sylvia giggles and closes the closet door behind them. Everyone in the club either pretends to ignore them in embarrassment or is amused by them. Sylvia staggers out of the closet with her heart beating.

“Later, babe,” Naoki says, leaving for a jog. Sylvia giggles and pulls herself together. What a great first day of high school! she thinks.

11.pngAnother daughter is born, and Sophie and Warren name her Serena. Everyone instantly adores her since she is the youngest in the family and the last baby to be born. Spencer especially loves his little sister and spends lots of time talking to her.

12.pngSylvia has been on a few dates now, with both Todd and Naoki. When she meets Youssef, she sees another opportunity. She works fast and is quickly kissing him. She hopes her two boyfriends don’t find out about this or about each other.

13.pngSerena becomes a toddler and is very clingy. She needs a lot of care, and since Warren’s job is less demanding outside of work than Sophie’s he cares for her most of time. Warren may be evil, but he adores his little girl and loves to read her to sleep.

The Chance Legacy: 5.1


Sophie becomes an adult is is proud to be named the heir. It doesn’t take her long to start playing the game. Warren calls to invite her out for drinks, and she pretends to be reluctant but accepts. She loves to toy with him and vacillates between hot and cold, building him up and then tearing him down. She loves manipulating him for that kind of attention, and he is so attracted to her that he doesn’t mind at all.

“You’ve become such a man since high school,” Sophie purrs. Warren flips his hair cockily.

“I’ve been working out,” He lies, flexing his non-existent muscles. Sophie ignores him and lets her eyes wander to a man walking down the street.

“What was that you said?” She asks feigning absent-minded disinterest. Warren’s manly posture isn’t the only thing that deflates.


Despite her skill at manipulating Warren, after a few drinks, Sophie loses her inhibitions and throws herself all over him. She asks him to come back to her place, and things really get steamy…


Sophie leads him to the hot tub, and between bubbles and gasps for air, the two woohoo for the first time. The next morning she wakes up in bed next to Warren and remembers the night before. A girl trying to maintain a legacy could do worse, she thinks to herself. She waits for him to wake up and shower before she talks to him.


“What if I’m pregnant?” Sophie asks frightened.

“Calm down, Sophie” Warren tries. “It was only last night! We have no reason to believe you could be –”

“Pregnant! I can’t believe I’m pregnant! What will it do to my figure? You – You have to move in with me!” Sophie demands, pointing a shaky finger at Warren. “You have to be here to help me through the pregnancy and take care of our child!” Warren gulps and stammers but realizes he can’t argue with her when she’s like this. This will all blow over in a few days when she realizes, he hopes.


Fortunately, it does blow over in a few days.

“I took a pregnancy test,” Sophie tells him. “I’m not pregnant! Isn’t that great?” Warren lets out a sigh of relief but wonders whether it was just another one of her manipulative ploys. “I thought I was gonna have to marry you or something!” Sophie says, baiting her trap. Warren looks at Sophie for a minute. She is so manipulative, but she is also beautiful and rich.

“Will you?” he asks after carefully weighing the pros and cons.

“Will I what?” Sophie asks pretending to not understand the question.

“Will you marry me?” Warren asks, bending down on one knee. “I don’t have a ring — this is a bit sudden” he says apologetically.

“That’s ok! I swiped one from the old lady up the street!” Sophie says producing a giant ruby and gold ring that she “borrowed” in one of her fits of kleptomania. “Would you look at that,” she says. “It fits perfectly.” Thank God the jeweler finished resizing it in time! She thinks hiding a grin and admiring the giant rock on her hand.


Since Sophie doesn’t have any friends, and Warren has very few, they decide to get married on the spot. Sophie is filled with joy to have ensnared the man she loves. Warren is thrilled that he will inherit riches and a mansion. Despite any motives they may have, Sophie and Warren care for each other, and even they experience wedded bliss!


Unfortunately, sadness is soon to follow. Jax tragically dies in a fire caused by his attempt at cooking. Everyone in the family is saddened to see the life of the only decent member of the family cut short. Brianna weeps for days, and Clyde is unable to console her. Sophie’s happiness from her wedding is overshadowed by the death of her brother, who she got along very well with despite their very different personalities. The family has been shocked and devastated by the unexpected death of a young man with so much potential.


Brianna’s sadness over her son’s death has just begun to lift when her time comes. Clyde is heartbroken; he loved Brianna more than she loved him, as she always reserved a little corner of her heart for her dead husband Hector.

With Brianna gone, Clyde has no reason to stay at the Chance Estate. Despite Sophie’s reluctant acceptance of him as part of the family, their relationship only got worse, and he finally left in a rage.


With Clyde gone, Sophie and Warren are ready to start their lives together. Warren gets a job as a critic, and Sophie joins the criminal career. With their careers started, it is just the right time for Sophie’s news.

“I’m actually pregnant this time!” she says happily.

“That’s great! I can’t believe I’m going to be a father!” Warren says kissing his newly pregnant wife on the cheek.


Between work and taking care of his pregnant wife, Warren joins the Complimentary Colors. They love art just like he does and spend their time visiting museums, painting, and critiquing art.

“I certainly do think this painting is meant to portray the depths of the imagination,” Malcolm, the group leader, says pompously.

“I like the use of cold palette of colors!” Mariko says cheerfully.

“No, no, no look at the delicate brushwork and the sweeping strokes. That is truly the genius of this masterpiece. I do think the edges are a little sloppy, however” Warren says, stroking his beardless chin as if musing deeply. As a critic and an art lover, he is in his element.


Sophie spends her free time on less cultured activities such as trolling the forums, hacking accounts, and programming viruses. Sometimes she even goes out to find people to be rude to. If she wants to be a Public Enemy, she has to make as many people dislike her as possible. Unfortunately, she is not able to partake of one of her favorite past times: fighting. No one is willing to physically fight a pregnant woman, so she has to settle for making them storm away in anger. Soon this baby will be out of me, and I’ll be ready to fight again! She thinks happily. Imagine all the enemies I’ll be able to make once I can use my fists and my giant ruby ring to make an impression!

Sophie gives birth to a girl, and she and Warren decide to name her Sylvia. Sophie hopes she’ll be a criminal like her, and Warren hopes she will develop a love for art.


Sylvia becomes a child and is very social. She’s also quite lazy. When she’s not taking naps, she loves to socialize, either with her parents of with kids from school. She is very excited when she finds out she is going to have a baby brother or sister to talk to!


In preparation for the new baby (but really to satisfy Warren’s desire to become a Mansion Baron and Sophie’s love of the finer things,) the Chance family decides to renovate their estate.


To celebrate the renovation of the estate, as well as his birthday, Warren grows a beard and mustache.

“No one will take me seriously as an art critic without these,” he says snootily.

Warren’s new favorite pastime becomes sitting in his art studio for hours on end, stroking his beard and musing about art.


One day when Warren is sitting in his studio, he is shocked out of his reverie by the screams of his wife giving birth of his son! Warren and Sophie decide to name him Spencer. Sylvia is so excited to have a baby brother, and talks to him all the time.

The Chance Legacy: 4.5


After mourning her husband’s passing, Brianna is back to her flirtatious self. She misses Hector and does not intend to have a serious relationship at this point in her life, but she doesn’t see why she can’t have some fun.

“Hi there,” Brianna says, waving at a man who catches her eye at the bar.

“You?!” The man says surprised. “Why are you even talking to me?”

“What do you mean, handsome?” Brianna asks with a pout.

“You don’t remember tripping me while I was delivering mail? It was humiliating!” the man says angrily.

“Oh…” Brianna says taken aback. “I didn’t recognize you without the mailman’s outfit on…I was just having some fun.” she says with a girlish giggle.

“I’m Clyde,” he says, not sure why he is still talking to her but finding himself very attracted to her.

“I’m Brianna…You’re quite sexy when you’re not in that mailman’s outfit…” she purs. “Maybe I can see how sexy you are when you’re not wearing anything,” she whispers into his ear. Clyde looks shocked but then pleased. Brianna takes a pen and paper out of her purse and slips him her number. She winks at him and then leaves him standing there still partially in a state of shock.

Mama’s still got it! She thinks to herself proudly.


Brianna is not the only one having some fun! Jax and Sophie have become teenagers, and Sophie has inherited her mother’s knack for flirtation. Jax invites his new friend Warren Gustafson over to do homework together, but Sophie has other plans.

It isn’t long before Sophie is kissing Warren in the middle of the family graveyard. Most people would be perturbed by romantic interactions so near the dead, but Warren finds Sophie’s irreverence very sexy. Since Sophie is channeling a subtle gothic vibe, she finds that the graveyard really helps set the desired tone. Warren, on the other hand, has an evil streak, so the graveyard does not bother him in the least. Sophie and Warren flirt and make out for quite a while, and by the time they are done, Jax has already finished his homework. Jax is annoyed with his sister for stealing his new friend, but after seeing their displays of affection questions whether losing a friendship with Warren is really a loss.

“Good night,” Sophie says, pulling her lips off Warren’s.

“Can I see you again?” Warren asks.

“We’ll see,” Sophie says, making an effort to not seem too interested. With that, she gives him a quick kiss and sends him on his way. She hopes Warren doesn’t realize that while they were making out she pickpocketed him just for the fun of it…


Sophie is a lot like her mother both in her desire for romance and in her career goals. Sophie already knows she wants to pursue a career in crime. After all, she has had abundant practice swiping things as a child. Since she wants to eventually find a job in the criminal career track, she spends most of her free time reading books on mischief, trolling web forums, and practicing programming so she can learn how to hack into databases and cause trouble.


Jax has more wholesome pursuits such as exercise and writing. While sitting at a desk all day and typing away doesn’t appeal to his need to exert himself, he has always wanted to write great books, like his grandfather Landon. Jax is a rare combination of athleticism and intellectualism and wants to strive for greatness in both areas.


After a long life of enjoying nature’s tranquility by fishing, Edward passes away. Bet, who has always looked up to Edward both as her favorite uncle and as a fishing role model is very upset by his passing and calls to offer his condolences. Everyone mourns Edward, especially his twin brother Andrew who always appreciated that Edward was nice to him in spite of his peculiarities. Sadly, the family knows that Andrew’s time will also come soon.


Sadly, Andrew dies the very next day after enjoying a bowl of children’s cereal for breakfast. Brianna is at work, and Sophie is asleep, but Jax is unfortunate enough to witness the death. With Hector, Edward, and Andrew gone, the household is the smallest it has been in a very long time.


Meanwhile, Brianna’s relationship with Clyde is progressing. While Clyde is still confused by her change of attitude towards him, he finds her irresistible. Although offended by her past behavior, Clyde has a penchant for evil himself and can’t help but admire they way she treated him. In fact, it seems that their previous dislike for each other, coupled with Brianna’s desire to keep their relationship casual causes him to see her as hard to get.

“You taste like quinoa…” Brianna says, screwing up her face into a scowl after their first kiss.

“Well you’re breath isn’t any bargain either, you know!” Clyde retorts. Brianna giggles at his comeback and kisses him again.

“I’m bored. See you round,” Brianna says with a nonchalant wave. What a woman! Clyde thinks to himself, confused but aroused.


Although pretending to be uninterested half of the time, the other half of the time Brianna is all over Clyde. Since Brianna still regards their relationship as casual, every time he comes over they find themselves sneaking around. Brianna finds their secrecy exciting, but Clyde would rather make their relationship official.

Luckily, Jax and Sophie are too busy to notice their mother’s “house guest.” Jax works on his writing skill while Sophie practices programming. Jax is very determined and has already completed three books. He only breaks to go to school, do homework, sleep, and exercise. Sophie, on the other hand, is very diligent in her programming so that she can use her skill for nefarious purposes. She successfully hacks into a government account, but only gets 24 simoleons for her trouble.

It’s a start, she thinks, grumpily.


Brianna finds herself in deeper than she expected. Clyde is charming, and she loves his flair for evil. After having dated in secret for a month, Clyde confronts her.

“I want us to be serious.” Clyde says, taking Brianna’s hands.

“Clyde, you know I’m just having some fun,” Brianna says, not entirely truthfully.

“I’m tired of having to sneak out the door every morning!” Clyde says in frustration. “I don’t want this to be just a game anymore!” Brianna sighs.

“It’s not a game,” she admits. “After my husband died, I didn’t think I wanted a real relationship. But it isn’t that simple anymore, is it?”

“I love you,” Clyde says. “Don’t you want to get married someday? Or is there someone else?” he demands. Brianna laughs.

“Married? At this age?”


“You do have someone else, don’t you?!” Clyde yells angrily.

“No, no!” Brianna says. She is used to Clyde’s suspicions. Every time she so much as looks in another man’s direction he gets very jealous. “I just think we’re too old for this sort of thing!” she explains.

“Well, I’m tired of playing around.” Clyde says. “Either we get serious, or I’m done!” Brianna frowns.

“You’re right,” she says with a sigh. “I still don’t want to get married, but I want to be with you. No more playing around, I promise. Move in with me, and I promise, we’ll be a real couple…I hope Jax and Sophie take this well…I’ll tell them right after we go back to bed,” she says with a grin and a wink.


“I have something to confess to you kids,” Brianna says, when she finds them having lunch at the picnic table. “I’m seeing someone, and he’s going to move in with us,” she says dropping all pretense.

“Who is he?” Jax asks in surprise.

“His name is Clyde. I’m certain you two will like him,” Brianna says reassuringly.

“Aren’t you a little old for this sort of thing?” Sophie asks, wrinkling her nose. “He’s not going to try to be our father or anything, is he?”

“Promise me you’ll give him a chance, ok?” Brianna asks.

“Sure thing, Mom.” Jax replies.
“Fine,” grumbles Sophie, despite the fact that she has firmly resolved not to give Clyde a chance.


Dinner is awkward that night. Jax does his best to be friendly, but Sophie insists on keeping a seat between her and Clyde as a buffer and remains aloof.

“Clyde was just telling me how excited he was to meet you two,” Brianna prompts.

“It’s nice to meet you too, Clyde” Jax says pleasantly.

“Mmff” Sophie says, pretending that her mouth is too full for her to speak.

“Do you kids like video games?” Clyde asks, making his best effort to be friendly and relatable.

“Sure do, but I spend most of my time writing and exercising. Sophie does a lot of programming in her spare time,” he says, shooting Sophie a look to inform her that she should be more friendly.

Sophie simply walks away from the table.


Jax has done his best over the past couple of months to befriend Clyde, but knows that his efforts come off as half-hearted. No one can replace his father, and he is not ready to accept Clyde as a member of the family. Sophie, on the other hand, makes no effort to get to know Clyde.

“How was school?” is met with icy indifference at best and hostile stares at worst. Most of the time, Sophie pretends Clyde doesn’t exist, which he finds he much prefers.

Despite his rocky introduction to the family, Brianna and Clyde are closer than ever.

“Who says old people can’t have fun?” Brianna says winking and pulling him into a big kiss. Clyde smiles. He has accepted a compromise of sorts. While Brianna has made it clear that she does not want to remarry, she has allowed him to move in with her and grudgingly admits that they are in a relationship. Although she refuses to define it as “serious,” Clyde is content to know that their romance means something to her beyond the “fun” she so frequently alludes to.


“Mom, have you seen my other pair of black tights with hearts?” Sophie calls, entering the room without knocking. She finds her mother connected to Clyde by the lips and scowls.

“You’ll never replace my father!” she yells at Clyde.

“Sophie, sit down,” Brianna urges. Sophie obeys but continues to yell.

“Who do you think you are, trying to worm your way into this crappy family?!” Sophie demands angrily. “We were fine before you came along!” Finally, Clyde has had enough.

“Listen, you little brat, your daddy died, and now I’m here, so suck it up!” He yells, standing up in anger. Sophie is struck dumb.

Finally, she murmurs, “You’re going to die soon anyway…”

“I’ll see you there!” Clyde roars. Once again Sophie stares at Clyde in silence, taken aback that he can give as good as he gets.

“Sophie…” Brianna begins carefully. Sophie stands up and nods at Clyde.

“Welcome to this crappy family,” she mutters with bitter humor.

The Chance Legacy: 4.4


Hector becomes an elder and waters his garden with tears because his family seems to have forgotten his birthday.

“No one will ever love me as much as my garden does,” he wails.


Betsy invites her classmate Alisha Feldman over, and the two seem to be getting along very well. Betsy likes her green mohawk, and Alisha likes Betsy’s boyish style. Hector is only mildly surprised when he spots the pair hugging from his garden. He always knew Betsy was different, but he accepts her as she is. He suspects Betsy and Alisha are more than friends, but does not say anything to his wife, since he has no proof. In their discussions about their eldest daughter, Brianna has seemed uncomfortable, but Hector knows that with a little time, Brianna will accept her daughter for who she is.


Edward begins improving his handiness skill. He has heard of a mysterious place called the Forgotten Grotto that will require him to have a high handiness skill to gain entry. He spends the next several weeks almost exclusively working on the woodworking table. He is determined to reach the highest skill level possible so he is able to enter the Forgotten Grotto and go fishing for the last fish he needs to complete his Angling Ace aspiration.


Hector has managed his greatest feat yet by successfully growing a cowplant. He names his new friend Humberto, and spends hours playing with him and talking to him. He also makes sure to feed Humberto on a tight schedule so no unfortunate family member stumbles into Humberto’s mouth. Hector has done it himself once when he forgot to feed Humberto, but luckily, he was spit out and then nuzzled affectionately by Humberto. He didn’t like being covered in slime and sapped of energy, but he knows that Humberto loves him just the same.


Sophie and Jax admire their older sister and enjoy spending time with her.

“You’ll never guess what happened at school yesterday!” Jax says animatedly.

“What’s that?” Betsy asks while crunching on her toast.

“The gym teacher gave me an MVP award!” Jax says proudly.

“That’s great, Jax!” Betsy says encouragingly.

“Sophie got an award for good effort, I think,” he says less enthusiastically. Neither of them notice Sophie sneaking into the kitchen to look for some candy to steal and bring up to their room. Sophie grimaces at the mention of her good-intentioned yet hurtful award, but keeps quiet as Jax babbles on about how athletic and popular he is. He may be popular, she thinks, but I just stole a candy bar without permission from mom or dad, and I get to eat it all by myself!


“Your gray hair makes you look like an old hippie!” Brianna giggles, kissing her husband on the cheek. Humberto becomes jealous and headbutts Brianna, causing her to fall to the ground. Brianna dusts herself off and glares at Humberto.

“He doesn’t mean it,” Hector says, stifling a laugh. “He’s just protective of me!”

“Listen you-you–cow-plant hybrid…thing!” Brianna says jabbing a finger at Humberto but carefully avoiding his mouth. “I’m his wife, so back off!” Hector pulls Brianna away right before Humberto gets the chance to put her in his mouth and chew her up.

“I love you,” Hector tells his wife with a smirk.

“I love you too,” Brianna says grudgingly and then laughing. She gives Humberto a warning look but then blows Hector a kiss and goes inside.


Unfortunately, Hector doesn’t live for very long after completing his Freelance Botanist aspiration. Brianna is shocked when the Grim Reaper comes for her husband.

“Listen, she says, if this is about me being mean to you at the gym, I’m sorry, ok?!” she says urgently. The grim reaper says nothing, but takes out his scythe and reaps Hector’s soul.


Brianna goes from sad to furious and attacks the Grim Reaper. The Grim Reaper wins the fight, but Brianna gathers herself up from the floor of the study and charges again. This time, the Grim Reaper isn’t so fortunate and ends his visit with a splitting headache.


Not long after her father’s death, Betsy becomes an adult and decides it is time to tell her mother her secret. Brianna is surprised and slightly uncomfortable about Betsy’s confession that she is actually a man and would prefer to be called Bet, but comforts her new son anyway.

“It will take some getting used to, but I support you. I may be a stone-cold criminal, but I love my children no matter what.” Brianna says with a smile.

“Thanks, Mom,” Bet replies with tears in his eyes.


After Bet has confessed her secret, one which neither Sophie nor Jax fully understand but also do not see as a big deal, Bet tells Alisha that he has feelings for her. Alisha admits that she has had feelings for Bet since high school too. The two become a couple and are very happy together, being who they are and loving who they love.


Edward manages to break into the Forgotten Grotto and go fishing. He is accompanied by Andrew, who digs for rare treasures and searches for frogs. Edward completes his Angling Ace aspiration by catching the last fish he needs, the Batfish. Andrew also completes his aspiration of The Curator by finishing his collection of elements.


Andrew and Edward’s basement museum has grown a lot since they first started collecting for their brilliant idea. Edward’s collection of fish is nearly complete, and Andrew has made progress in several different collections. They even have some of the produce from Hector’s garden on display.


Jax and Bet become best friends, and it is not long before Jax completes his Social Butterfly aspiration.

Sophie’s violin skills are slowly improving, much to the appreciation of her family members. She continues to draw, play with her dollhouse, and enjoy her toys (some of which she has stolen). She manages to complete her aspiration of Artistic Prodigy shortly before her birthday.

Bet proposes to Alisha one morning on the porch where they first realized their feelings for each other years ago.

“You have let me be who I’ve always wanted to,” Bet says, taking Alisha’s hand. “Will you take this man to be your husband?”

“Only if I can be the wife!” Alisha says, laughing and throwing herself into Bet’s arms.

The couple is overjoyed, and the two celebrate their happiness and decide to move in together. Bet says goodbye to his family, promising to stay in touch.

The Chance Legacy: 4.3


Hector is a very good father to Betsy and often helps her with her homework. She is a good student, but would much rather spend her time doing arts and crafts than doing homework.

“Let’s see,” Hector thinks. “If there a 7 plants and 2 are onions and 3 are daisies, how many are potatoes?”

“Dad, do you have to relate every math problem to your garden?” Betsy complains.

“It always helps to think of something you can relate to!” Hector says, mussing up her hair.

“Dad!” she whines, laughing in spite of herself.


While Hector looks after Betsy, Brianna continues to work on her aspiration and career. She makes sure to be mean to people to improve her job performance and make more enemies. She’d be lying if she said she didn’t take pleasure in it.

“Listen, pudgy,” she says grabbing a man at the bar by his t-shirt, “If you don’t hand over those mozzarella sticks, I’m gonna have to make life very difficult for you!”

“Anything!” the man says, frightened. He goes over to the bar and hands her his half-eaten mozzarella sticks. He murmurs something about needing to feed his cat and leaves the bar quickly.

The mozzarella sticks are delicious; to Brianna they taste like intimidation and power.


Betsy becomes a teenager, still sporting her short haircut. She wears a plaid button-down shirt, glasses, jeans, and boots. Some people raise their eyebrows at her fashion choices, but she likes the way she looks.

Unfortunately, her plaid shirt catches on fire when she makes her first attempt at cooking, and the fire sends the family into a panic. Luckily, her favorite uncles manage to extinguish the fire with minimal loss to the kitchen. Luckily, Betsy has several more of the exact same shirt!

Things heat up for Brianna and Hector in the hot tub, and it isn’t long before Brianna discovers she is pregnant again.

“Just one more,” she tells Hector sternly.


Brianna and Hector are both shocked when she gives birth to twins. They had intended to keep their family small due to their already busy household, but find out that they’ll have to make a little extra room.

“One boy and one girl,” Hector says beaming.

“Double the trouble,” Brianna says with a grin. They decide to name the twins Sophie and Jax.


Like her uncle Edward, Betsy’s favorite pastime is fishing. She is not nearly as skilled as her uncle, but she enjoys the tranquility of nature, especially with two noisy twin babies in the house.


Brianna endeavors to prove that being a mother to three children has not softened her. She visits the gym looking for insecure people to victimize and finds the Grim Reaper running on a treadmill.

“You call that running, you bag of bones?” Brianna taunts. “My dead grandmother can run better than you!”


Jax and Sophie become children. Jax is very social and athletic. Brianna thinks he is likely to be very popular, especially in his teenage years. His sporty style and fauxhawk make the other kids in elementary school think he’s really cool. He loves to play on the rocket ship jungle gym and perform cool stunts.


Sophie is very creative. She loves to color and practice on the violin, although the other members of the household are not very pleased by her sour notes. Her favorite thing to do is play with her toys and make up stories.

“I saw you snatch that from the classroom during recess!” Jax accuses when he walks in on her playing with a rhino toy.

“No I didn’t!” Sophie protests, but the guilty look on her face says otherwise. Sophie has a habit of stealing things for the thrill, but always feels ashamed afterward.


Jax and Sophie get along for the most part, but Jax likes to antagonize his sister.

“Your glasses make you look like an old lady!” Jax teases one evening when they are playing outside.

“Well I think your hair is stupid!” Sophie retorts even though she secretly thinks her brother’s hair is really cool.

“Calm down, kids,” Hector calls from the garden where he is weeding his beloved plants.


Unfortunately, it seems Sophie and Jax have an unwanted guest.

“Jax, there’s a monster under my bed!” Sophie screams at her brother, who groans and rolls out of bed with his hairstyle somehow still intact.

“Maybe it will eat that homework you left lying on the floor,” he teases his sister.

“No, really, Jax!” Sophie says trying to persuade her brother. “There’s a tentacle coming out from under my bed! Come see!”


“Oh please, monsters aren’t re–” Jax stops talking when he sees that his twin sister is right. “What do we do?” He asks, changing his tone.

“I don’t know!” Sophie says fearfully.

“Hey monster, want a piece of candy?” Jax asks.

“Don’t offer it candy!” Sophie says grabbing her brother by the arms. “That will make it come out from under the bed!”

“Well, you try to get rid of it!” Jax retorts.

“Hey, mister monster…” Sophie says tentatively. “We’d really appreciate it if you would leave and let us get a good night’s sleep.” Sophie and Jax are convinced that they hear a terrifying screech.

“Now you’ve made it angry!” Jax yells at Sophie.


“What’s all the commotion about?” Betsy asks getting out of bed and crossing her arms. “I have a big test tomorrow.”

“There’s a monster under Sophie’s bed!” Jax explains urgently. Betsy sighs.

“I guess I’ll just have to spray it with some “Monster-Be-Gone,” Betsy says, pulling a spray bottle out from behind the bookshelf. By the time Betsy reaches the bed with the spray bottle, Sophie and Jax have bolted out of the room, leaving the door wide open. Betsy rolls her eyes and sprays. “That’ll do it!” she calls. The twins come back into the room sheepishly and slowly walk around, examining the room. “Now get some sleep, you two. Some of us need to get some shut-eye.” Betsy says irritably after Jax and Sophie both peer under the bed and seem convinced that they are safe.

Betsy lies awake in bed. She doesn’t believe in monsters, but there are stranger things, like the ghosts that haunt the house and stories of aliens from other cities, she thinks. Besides, why would Mom and Dad have given me this spray bottle if monsters weren’t real? Betsy finally falls asleep, and in the morning, her thoughts about whether monsters exist seem silly. Mom and dad probably just got the spray bottle to keep us quiet when we got scared. Besides, Mom loves practical jokes, she tells herself. Monster’s are definitely not real, she thinks firmly. But there is always some doubt…


The Chance Legacy: 4.2


Brianna goes into labor one morning, and Hector is frantic. It is too late to get to a hospital, so there are no doctors to help. I can do this, Brianna thinks. My mother popped out ten babies. This should be a sinch!

“Mwooahhhh, Hectorrrr!” Brianna moans, sounding like a wounded whale.


Brianna and Hector name their daughter Betsy. Even though Brianna is a hardened criminal, she is also a natural mother.


Hector quits his job to be a stay-at-home dad. He knows from the moment he sees his daughter that she’s going to be a daddy’s girl, and he wants to spend as much time with her as possible!


Meanwhile, Michelle invites her high school sweetheart, Clinton Finch, over to visit. He is excited to reconnect and is hoping to impress her. They have not seen each other since graduation, but he always assumed they would get back together, since they never actually broke up. He is dismayed when he finds out Michelle simply wanted to let him know she is moving.

“I’m moving to pursue my modeling career,” she tells him, flipping her long blonde hair over her shoulder.

“But, Michelle, we were great together in high school…Don’t you think we should see if that spark is still there?” Clinton asks, embarrassed. Michelle laughs.

“Clinton, that was high school. You didn’t really expect anything to come of it, did you?” She laughs again, not seeming to care that she is hurting his feelings. “Besides, I’m onto bigger and better things,” she continues proudly. “I have an offer from an agency that is very excited to meet me.” Clinton looks down at the porch, too sad and embarrassed to meet her eyes.
“Well, I guess this is goodbye then…” he says sadly. Michelle feels slightly guilty, so she gives him a quick kiss on the cheek and then goes upstairs to pack.


Brianna decides that she needs to spend more of her free time antagonizing people. She will never reach her Public Enemy aspiration if she neglects making enemies. She chooses Clyde Posey, the mailman as her first victim, simply because she sees him walking by. She walks quietly around him and sticks out a leg while he walks. He trips and his mail scatters everywhere.

“Carry mail much?” she laughs as he struggles to gather up all of his mail before the wind blows it away.

“What’s your problem?!” Clyde asks angrily.

“My problem is your face!” Brianna says nastily. “And that mailman’s outfit looks really stupid on you!”

“Hey, I’m just trying to deliver mail, here!” Clyde says angrily.

“Not doing a very good job, are you?” Brianna asks snarkily. Well, that’s enough for today, she thinks to herself proudly. “Smell ya later, FAILman!” She walks away laughing raucously at her own joke. I’m off to a good start, she thinks.


Betsy becomes a child and is very unique. She likes her hair short like a boy, but wears flowery jeans that are girly and cute. Her parents love how different she is from most children her age, and she is the apple of her father’s eye.


Betsy is a very creative child, but is also very messy with her arts and crafts. Her parents often enter her room to find the floor covered in glitter and uncooked macaroni!


Brianna’s career is progressing, as she has become a Minor Crimelord. Hector’s willingness to be a stay-at-home dad allows her to focus on her career. She is quite proud of herself for advancing and loves how she looks in the fedora. Hector is also a fan of her new look.

“You look so sexy in that hat,” Hector says with a grin.

“Do I, now?” She asks, posing seductively. Hector grabs her and pulls her into him and kisses her fiercely. “Oh, Hector, I didn’t know you could be so passionate!” she gushes.


Brianna visits local venues just for the opportunity to meet new people to terrorize. She meets Yuki Behr, who she decides to victimize because her blue hair and sense of style offends her.

“Did you fall head-first into a bucket of paint?” Brianna sneers.

“I happen to like this color!” Yuki says balling her hands into teenage fists of fury.

“Those headphones around your neck sure are stylish. Not very functional unless you have ears on your neck, though!” Brianna laughs.

“It’s called making a fashion statement!” Yuki says rolling her eyes and walking away. Brianna hates teenagers and hopes Betsy never becomes one.

Despite Brianna’s drive to be mean to random people, she has a soft spot for Hector, who has proven to be a wonderful boyfriend and father to their child. Brianna invites Hector to the art museum and takes him into the garden next to it. Hector loves gardens, so Brianna thinks it is a fitting place to propose.

“Hector, when I first met you and you talked to me about fertilizing plants with poo, I never thought I’d be standing here asking you this,” Brianna begins. Hector smirks at his past blunder and then realizes what Brianna is about to ask. “Will you be my husband?” Brianna asks, getting down on one knee. Hector smiles, kisses Brianna on the cheek, and embraces her. “Of course,” he whispers.


Betsy’s favorite things to do are draw and hang out with her uncles. She loves how wacky Andrew is and admires Edward for his fishing prowess, fashion sense, and hipster-esque air.

“I just caught a Kissing Gourami yesterday. I heard it can be really delicious with some hummus,” Edward says enthusiastically.

“Gross!” Andrew says, putting his finger in his throat and making a gagging sound. Suddenly, Andrew looks surprised, and his own hand starts to strangle him. Andrew makes gurgling sounds and fights his hand until Edward reaches over and pries his hand off his neck and calms him down. Betsy giggles. She loves that her uncles are weird and thinks they’re funny.


In another one of her hunts for new prey, Brianna meets Jade Rosa and takes an instant dislike to her.

“That outfit is so trashy!” Brianna says, forgetting that her outfit is not modest and subdued either.

“How dare you criticize the way I choose to dress!” Jade says, putting her hands on her hips.

“I don’t like you!” Brianna says, jabbing a finger at her new enemy, not quite sure why she dislikes her so much.

“Well, I don’t like you either!” Jade yells. Brianna throws her red drink right at Jade and laughs.

“That’s sure to stain your trashy outfit!” Brianna laughs. Jade tries to wipe the red liquid off her shirt and shakes with anger.

“You better watch it!” she threatens.

“No you better watch it! I now declare you my arch enemy!” Brianna announces, pouncing on Jade and engaging in a slap fight. Brianna comes out of the fight dazed, and mumbles threats as she walks towards the door to go home.


While looking for new places to fish, Edward stumbles upon a mysterious tree. He stares at it for a while and suddenly gets the urge to water it. Soon he begins talking to the tree, and suddenly, he sees an entrance. Edward journeys deep into the tree, and after getting lost several times, finds his way to Sylvan Glade.

Sylvan Glade is beautiful, and Edward has a strange sense that he has stumbled upon the perfect fishing spot. He fishes with different kinds of bait and manages to catch some of the last few fish that have eluded him.

After fishing for a while, Edward calls Andrew, amazed that he still has cell phone reception. “You’ve got to see this place!” he tells his brother. He tells Andrew how to find it, and is happy to see Andrew enter the glade looking stunned.

“Klargy fnarg wagel!” Andrew exclaims, which Edward assumes means that he is impressed. Andrew begins searching for frogs, and the two brothers find some rare and valuable fish and collectibles.