The Chance Legacy: 1.2


More grueling days at the hospital pass, but Duncan is starting to get more challenging work. Instead of mopping up puddles, taking and analyzing swab samples, and checking patients’ eyes and ears, he is also treating patients. He doesn’t like giving vaccines or foul tasting medication, but he likes to see the relief on his patients faces when they feel better.

“You better not tell anyone I’m wearing a yellow hospital gown with duckies on it,” Ronen Person says threateningly. “Ouch!”


Duncan gets promoted to Medical Assistant. He is excited by how quickly he is advancing but is also very tired. In addition, he keeps thinking about Zoe. He wants to still be friends with her, but is not interested in her as a girlfriend. He worries about how she will react. He has a lot on his mind, but he tries to get some rest whenever he can.


Duncan’s thoughts have turned to Summer. The time they spent at the park was fun, but it was hard to read her. He thinks about all that he and Summer have in common and decides to ask her out on a date. Maybe this time, since it’s an actual date, she will be more receptive. Duncan takes Summer out to the Blue Velvet Night Club. He thinks she looks beautiful, and they sit and chat. Unfortunately, Duncan is a little moody from a long day at work and almost blows his chances.

“I told the mixologist I wanted Sim Adams, not Dudweiser!” Duncan yells, pounding his fists on the table.

“It’s not a big deal,” Summer says smiling patiently.

“I’ll say whether it’s a big deal or not!” Duncan retorts. “I’m sorry,” he says quickly. “It’s been a long day…”

“That’s okay,” Summer says good-naturedly. “It must be difficult being a doctor. All I have to worry about as a cook are dirty dishes and burnt food – at least I’m not in charge of other people’s health!”

“Well, unless you give them food poisoning,” Duncan laughs. Oh god, why did I say that, he thinks to himself. Now I’ve done it! To his relief, Summer laughs.


“Can I buy you a drink?” Duncan asks, despite his still low bank account balance.

“I’d like that,” Summer replies. Duncan and Summer are much more comfortable with each other now that they have broken the ice with temper tantrums, food poisoning jokes, and of course, drinks. They talk and laugh about work and life. They enjoy each other’s company and conversation, talking about the many things they have in common, like athleticism. There is the occasionally brush of the hand or held eye contact. Soon, they are holding hands across the bar.

“You’re amazing,” Duncan tells Summer. “You’re beautiful, friendly, athletic, and kind. What more could a man ask for?”

“I think you’re amazing,” Summer says, blushing from the compliment. “Such a dedicated doctor, but handsome, funny, outgoing, and athletic too!”


Duncan takes Summer by the hand and kisses her passionately. She kisses him back, and the two say goodbye, reluctantly. Duncan goes home to get some rest, but he can barely sleep with thoughts of Summer running through his head.


Over the next few days, Duncan can’t stop thinking about Summer. They have had an amazing date, and he can’t wait to see her again. He has trouble focusing on his work at the hospital, but continues to work hard. When the night of their next date comes, they go to the park. They laugh about their less successful rendezvous there.

“I couldn’t read you at all!” Duncan remarks with a chuckle.

“I don’t know what I was thinking,” Summer laughs. “I think at that point I wasn’t sure if you were flirting or just being friendly!”

“A little of both,” Duncan replies with a grin as he goes in for a kiss. “I know this is fast,” he says, taking her hand suddenly. “But will you be my girlfriend, Summer?” Summer’s face lights up.

“Of course!” she says hugging him enthusiastically. The new couple kisses and says goodnight, not wanting to wait to see each other again.


Since things have gotten serious with Summer, Duncan invites Zoe over, to make sure they can still be friends.

“I invited you over to tell you that I’m dating someone, but I really like you and hope we can still be friends,” Duncan says, hoping he will not upset Zoe.

Zoe smiles. “That’s a relief,” she says. “I have to admit, when you kissed me I didn’t really feel anything…I was worried you were still interested in me. I’m glad we both feel the same. Friends?” Zoe asks.

“Friends,” Duncan says, hugging Zoe. He is very glad that Zoe feels the same and that they can still be friends.


Work continues for Duncan, and he is starting to get frustrated because he is not advancing quickly enough. It has really not been very long, but being ambitious, Duncan has very high expectations for himself. At least he is getting more duties. He has even learned to calibrate and use the X-ray machine.

“Don’t be nervous,” he tells Charlie, who he’s scanning to see if he has broken any bones during his fall from the jungle gym at recess. “It’s just an X-ray machine. It lets me see inside your body and check if you have any broken bones…All set. Looks like you didn’t break anything. See, that wasn’t so bad, was it?”

“Thanks, Dr. Chance,” Charlie says in relief. Even if he wasn’t advancing as quickly as he wanted to, he was always improving his bedside manner.


Duncan and Summer have been dating for some time now. They even have gym dates as workout buddies.


After months of dating, Duncan has something to tell Summer. He takes her back to the club where they had their first real date.

“Summer, I’ve been thinking about telling you this for a while now…I love you,” he says earnestly. His eyes sparkle, and Summer’s do too.

“I love you too, Duncan,” she replies beaming at him.


Soon after, Duncan asks Summer to move in with him. “I know it’s not much,” he says, gesturing to his house, “But I think together we can make it a home. Will you move in with me?”

“It is a little quick, but I think I’m ready,” Summer says happily embracing Duncan.

Summer doesn’t bring in any money, but the couple is able to renovate. The house is still very small, but it now has a double bed, wallpaper, a kitchen counter, a bookshelf, and a trash bin. It is a little rustic, but it has a quaint, homey feel to it.


Summer is already a Head Dishwasher at her job, but she practices cooking at home, and quickly gets promoted to a Caterer.


Domestic life is challenging when things break, but Duncan is working on his handiness skill and is able to fix everything.


Even though Summer’s career goal is to be a chef, her Aspiration is Friend of the World. She spends time outside of work making new friends, and reaches the second stage of her Aspiration.


Duncan works hard and gets promoted to a Medical Technologist. He begins to give thorough examinations and make diagnoses. He is finally diagnosing and treating patients, and he feels great!


It’s not all business though, as things are heating up at home!


Duncan has taken up crafting in his free time to improve his handiness skill. Sometimes he only has time at night because his work days are so busy.


Unfortunately for him, on one of those nights he sees flashing lights, and suddenly, he feels himself being lifted by a beam of eerie light.

“I just wanted to make a sculpture of a bunny!” He cries, as the beam draws him into what looks like a UFO.

After hours, Duncan is deposited back on his lawn, and he doesn’t remember anything. Wait until the other doctors hear about this, he thinks, rubbing his side where he must have landed.


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