The Chance Legacy: 3.5


Anabelle has become a teenager, and as such, her appetite is more voracious than ever.

“Mmmm, oatmeal cookies,” she says, “nomming” on her snack like a pleased chipmunk.


Since she loves to eat, Anabelle figures there is no better skill to learn than cooking. Unfortunately for her, her attempt at making scrambled eggs causes a fire.

“I’m on fire!” she screams, patting herself down, trying to put out the fire. She is still wondering if the eggs will taste good, but she tries her best to focus so she won’t be burnt to a crisp.


Luckily Preston and Landon are able to put out the fire. Anabelle is charred, but grateful to be alive to eat another day.

“Maybe cooking just isn’t your thing, Anabelle,” Landon offers gently. Anabelle pouts. So much for scrambled eggs, she thinks sadly.


Anabelle and her scrambled eggs aren’t the only thing on fire. Preston’s fling with Candace is still going strong. At least – they both intended it to be a fling, but they’ve started realize how into each other they are.

“You look so sexy in that uniform” Preston says, pulling Candace into a passionate kiss.

“You look like a sissy hipster college professor in that blazer!” She says, gasping for air between his kisses.

“You’ve put on a little weight haven’t you?” Preston says squeezing her waist tightly.

“I hate you so much, I love you!” Candace says, running her fingers through his thick hair. Suddenly they stop making out. As much as they’ve tried to deny it, it isn’t a fling anymore.

“I love you too, but if you tell anyone I’ll tell the post office you’re the one delivering stink bombs to people’s doorsteps!”

“You wouldn’t dare,” Candace says, pulling his blazer off by the sleeve and beckoning him inside the house.


Ian becomes a child and is very artistic. His aspiration is to become an Artistic Prodigy since he looks up to his older brother, the only other boy in the family. He loves sticking uncooked macaroni to his artwork, and enjoys using glitter. Luckily, he is very neat, and always cleans up after himself.


Brittany becomes a young adult, and although she is used to the finer things in life, she is determined to leave the Chance Household and make it on her own as an author. She knows that she can make a name for herself writing books on how to conform to upper class society. Some might call her snobby, but she thinks that a book on how to hold a garden party will be very informative!


With Brittany going off on her own, soon there is room in the house for twins! Andrew and Edward are born, and Jenna and Landon are excited to have more boys in the family.


Preston proposes to Candace, shortly after realizing he is in deeper than he ever intended.

“I fell for you when I saw that your beauty was only matched by your meanness,” he says, kneeling before Candace. “What I expected to last for one night has become something more…Will you share in my bad deeds as my wife?”

“Yes, of course I will, you evil hunk of an artist!” Candace squeals, taking the ring.


Preston and Candace get married, and all of the siblings come to watch the ceremony.

“I love you, my fiery-haired, black-hearted princess,” Preston says looking into the eyes of his bride-to-be.

“Shut up and kiss me!” Candace demands. All of the guests laugh and clap for the newly married couple. The wedding ends, and Preston carries his bride away to move into a house of their very own, where they hope to raise children as mean and evil as they are.


Andrew and Edward become children. They both are neat like their parents, but Andrew has the Artistic Prodigy aspiration while Edward has the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration. Nonetheless, the boys get along very well and seem to have a special twin bond.

“And I said, that’s not a fat squirrel -” Andrew says leading up to a punchline.
“That’s my older sister!” Edward replies filling in the ending. The twins laugh together and look around to make sure Anabelle didn’t hear them. Luckily, she is busy eating in the other room and cannot hear over her chewing noises.

The family grows again when a baby girl is born. Jenna is in her pajamas and once again cannot be bothered to go to the hospital. She and Landon name their new baby girl Brianna. They cherish her, as she may be one of their last. Landon’s hair has gone gray, and he knows soon enough he will be too old to be a parent.
“Daddy may be old, but he loves you so much!” he says to his new daughter.


Unfortunately, not everyone is as sweet-tempered as the new baby. Anabelle’s teenage years have brought with them a nasty temper. She is hot-headed and angers easily. Her favorite pastime, besides eating, is destroying the children’s dollhouse and taking out her anger on Blarffy the teddy bear.
“You stupid teddy bear! It’s your fault I’m not more popular at school! What? Don’t even try to suggest it’s my fault for being so angry all the time and stealing other people’s lunches! They know I don’t mean it – I’m just hungry! No, I’m not weird! Shut up, you dumb bear!”


Brianna grows up to be a very intelligent child. She has a genius IQ but is also very creative.

“Marie Curie,” she says, giving the butler doll and snooty British accent. “Have you finished your experiments yet?”

Finally, the 10th baby is born. It is a girl, and Jenna and Landon decide to name her Michelle. Landon is thrilled to have such a large family, and Jenna is proud of being a mother of 10. Life continues to be hectic at the Chance household, but Jenna and Landon wouldn’t have it any other way.


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