The Chance Legacy: 3.7


Brianna learns fast because she is a genius, so she completes her Artistic Prodigy aspiration quickly. She is especially adept at playing the violin.


Andrew and Edward becomes teenagers. Andrew develops a love of collecting things, and Edward develops a love of fishing.

“Ouch! Something bit me!” Andrew cries, jerking his arm out of the log he was trying to find frogs in.
“No fish are biting for me,” Edward says. They both sigh. “Call it a day?” The twins head home empty-handed.


Michelle completes her Rambunctious Scamp aspiration. Her favorite thing to do is play on the monkey bars, but she also likes to play her typing game.


Brianna becomes a teenager and develops a sassy style. She is very clever, but is also fashionable, much like her mother. She teaches Michelle to play chess with her. The two sisters are close, and Michelle looks up to Brianna a lot.


Ian meets a pretty girl named Lily Finch and is instantly attracted to her. At first she seems receptive to his flirtation, but later seems less enamored with him. He wonders if she is interested in another guy. He wonders who it could be. Maybe he’s richer and more handsome…


Anabelle still loves to cook, and has gotten a lot better at not starting fires. Her passion for cooking is due to her passion for eating, but her desire to consume the food she makes helps her gain the cooking skill quickly. She gets a job as a cook and hopes nobody notices her stealing food from the plates of the hungry customers.


Jenna becomes an elder, and even with a child and four teens, she is able to maintain her career. She still loves to play video games and enjoys her career very much. Soon Michelle will become a teen, and not long after Ian will become an adult. Her teenagers are doing very well in school, and her children that have moved out have all made their own unique lives. She is proud of her family and her accomplishments.


Anabelle and Louis have been exclusive for a few weeks when she decides it is time to take matters into her own hands and pop the question.

“You make me feel like a kid again, and I want to feel that way forever,” she says getting down on one knee. “Louis, will you play house with me? I can be the wife, and you can be the husband.” Louis laughs and takes the ring.

“Nothing would make me happier!” He says picking her up in his arms.

“Let’s elope,” she whispers in his ear. Louis grins and walks away as fast as he can while carrying his new wife.

“Bye, everyone!” Anabelle calls out behind her.


Ian is still vying for Lily’s affections, but she is very off and on with him. Maybe she’s playing hard to get, he thinks to himself. He hopes she’s not dating that guy who was making eyes at her in Math class.


Michelle becomes a teenager and develops a bit of a wild streak.

“There is no way you’re going out like that, young lady!” Jenna scolds.

“Puh-lease mom, I’m a teenager now,” Michelle says rolling her eyes.

“Just because you’re a teenager doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want!” Jenna says sternly. “Now change into something more modest!”

“But mom,” Michelle whines dropping the attitude. “There’s a big party tonight, and I have to look my best!” Jenna sighs. She doesn’t have the energy to deal with an unruly teenager, so she decides to let it go.

“Very well, but after the party, you’re going to start dressing more appropriately!” She knows Michelle will probably keep wearing the outfit, but without Landon there to support her, she doesn’t feel like she can control her daughter. She knows it was hard on the children to lose their father, especially Michelle who was only a child, so she cuts her a little slack. Jenna knows that as a single parent she must know when to be a disciplinarian and when to let things go.


Andrew and Edward are very good friends. Since Andrew likes to collect things, and Edward likes to fish, they both spend a lot of time outside and often choose fishing and collecting spots together. Sometimes they are content to just watch TV and chat.

“I caught a real big one the other day!” Edward says excitedly.

“I found a new frog!” Andrew says happily.

“How is your collection of gemstones coming?” Edward asks.

“I haven’t had time to do much collecting lately,” Andrew says frowning. “You know,” he begins. “Our hobbies go really well together. Maybe someday we could start a museum or a store or something with all of the fish and things we’ve collected. We could be business partners!”

“That’s a great idea!” Edward replies enthusiastically.


Ian becomes a young adult and travels to the park with his teenage siblings. After not dating in high school, (much to his displeasure) he sees an old friend.

“Hi Titus,” Ian says, impressed with Titus’ muscles. “It’s been a while.”

“It has,” Titus agrees.

“You look great!” Ian says. Although he only pursued Lily in high school, in his older teenage years he began to develop feelings towards men too.

“Thanks!” Titus replies. “You do too!”

“You must work out a lot,” Ian says trying to flirt a little more obviously.

“I do what I can,” Titus replies, subconsciously flexing his pecs. “Hey, are you seeing anyone these days?”

“No, I haven’t really ever dated except for Lily, and she never seemed very into me. We were never even really official…How about you?”

“No, I haven’t met any guys I’m interested in…At least, not anyone I think would be interested back.” Ian’s stomach does a flip.

“Well, I’m not seeing anyone right now, and I’ve realized that I am interested in both men and women…Maybe we could hang out some time.” Titus looks taken aback but then smiles.
“Yeah, definitely,” he says. “See you around.”


Brianna’s aspiration is to become a Public Enemy, and she expects her intelligence to help her reach her goal. She sits down to read a book on mischief and finds that she is smirking through most of it.


Michelle brings everyone to the park again in hopes of meeting people. She loves to make new friends, and is always hoping she will be invited to a party.


Andrew meets Lily, and the two seem to get along well. He is surprised that she was never very interested in his older brother, but since Ian is an adult now, it doesn’t really matter.

“I like to collect things,” Andrew says, trying to make conversation.

“What kinds of things?” Lily asks.

“All kinds of things,” Andrew says smiling. “Gemstones, frogs, postcards, figurines, you name it!”

“That’s really interesting,” Lily says sincerely. Andrew feels butterflies in his stomach. She is so pretty, and he never expected a girl like her to find him interesting.


Ian invites Titus over, and the two have a great time together. Despite his fear of commitment, Ian asks Titus to be his boyfriend, and Titus happily agrees. They quickly decide to move in together.


There are now only four teenagers left in the household. Jenna is proud of all of her children, and is looking forward to seeing her youngest children become adults. She has proven that she can have a career and children, and has even managed to continue raising her children as a widow. “Oh Landon,” she sighs to herself. “You would have been so proud.”


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