The Chance Legacy: 4.3


Hector is a very good father to Betsy and often helps her with her homework. She is a good student, but would much rather spend her time doing arts and crafts than doing homework.

“Let’s see,” Hector thinks. “If there a 7 plants and 2 are onions and 3 are daisies, how many are potatoes?”

“Dad, do you have to relate every math problem to your garden?” Betsy complains.

“It always helps to think of something you can relate to!” Hector says, mussing up her hair.

“Dad!” she whines, laughing in spite of herself.


While Hector looks after Betsy, Brianna continues to work on her aspiration and career. She makes sure to be mean to people to improve her job performance and make more enemies. She’d be lying if she said she didn’t take pleasure in it.

“Listen, pudgy,” she says grabbing a man at the bar by his t-shirt, “If you don’t hand over those mozzarella sticks, I’m gonna have to make life very difficult for you!”

“Anything!” the man says, frightened. He goes over to the bar and hands her his half-eaten mozzarella sticks. He murmurs something about needing to feed his cat and leaves the bar quickly.

The mozzarella sticks are delicious; to Brianna they taste like intimidation and power.


Betsy becomes a teenager, still sporting her short haircut. She wears a plaid button-down shirt, glasses, jeans, and boots. Some people raise their eyebrows at her fashion choices, but she likes the way she looks.

Unfortunately, her plaid shirt catches on fire when she makes her first attempt at cooking, and the fire sends the family into a panic. Luckily, her favorite uncles manage to extinguish the fire with minimal loss to the kitchen. Luckily, Betsy has several more of the exact same shirt!

Things heat up for Brianna and Hector in the hot tub, and it isn’t long before Brianna discovers she is pregnant again.

“Just one more,” she tells Hector sternly.


Brianna and Hector are both shocked when she gives birth to twins. They had intended to keep their family small due to their already busy household, but find out that they’ll have to make a little extra room.

“One boy and one girl,” Hector says beaming.

“Double the trouble,” Brianna says with a grin. They decide to name the twins Sophie and Jax.


Like her uncle Edward, Betsy’s favorite pastime is fishing. She is not nearly as skilled as her uncle, but she enjoys the tranquility of nature, especially with two noisy twin babies in the house.


Brianna endeavors to prove that being a mother to three children has not softened her. She visits the gym looking for insecure people to victimize and finds the Grim Reaper running on a treadmill.

“You call that running, you bag of bones?” Brianna taunts. “My dead grandmother can run better than you!”


Jax and Sophie become children. Jax is very social and athletic. Brianna thinks he is likely to be very popular, especially in his teenage years. His sporty style and fauxhawk make the other kids in elementary school think he’s really cool. He loves to play on the rocket ship jungle gym and perform cool stunts.


Sophie is very creative. She loves to color and practice on the violin, although the other members of the household are not very pleased by her sour notes. Her favorite thing to do is play with her toys and make up stories.

“I saw you snatch that from the classroom during recess!” Jax accuses when he walks in on her playing with a rhino toy.

“No I didn’t!” Sophie protests, but the guilty look on her face says otherwise. Sophie has a habit of stealing things for the thrill, but always feels ashamed afterward.


Jax and Sophie get along for the most part, but Jax likes to antagonize his sister.

“Your glasses make you look like an old lady!” Jax teases one evening when they are playing outside.

“Well I think your hair is stupid!” Sophie retorts even though she secretly thinks her brother’s hair is really cool.

“Calm down, kids,” Hector calls from the garden where he is weeding his beloved plants.


Unfortunately, it seems Sophie and Jax have an unwanted guest.

“Jax, there’s a monster under my bed!” Sophie screams at her brother, who groans and rolls out of bed with his hairstyle somehow still intact.

“Maybe it will eat that homework you left lying on the floor,” he teases his sister.

“No, really, Jax!” Sophie says trying to persuade her brother. “There’s a tentacle coming out from under my bed! Come see!”


“Oh please, monsters aren’t re–” Jax stops talking when he sees that his twin sister is right. “What do we do?” He asks, changing his tone.

“I don’t know!” Sophie says fearfully.

“Hey monster, want a piece of candy?” Jax asks.

“Don’t offer it candy!” Sophie says grabbing her brother by the arms. “That will make it come out from under the bed!”

“Well, you try to get rid of it!” Jax retorts.

“Hey, mister monster…” Sophie says tentatively. “We’d really appreciate it if you would leave and let us get a good night’s sleep.” Sophie and Jax are convinced that they hear a terrifying screech.

“Now you’ve made it angry!” Jax yells at Sophie.


“What’s all the commotion about?” Betsy asks getting out of bed and crossing her arms. “I have a big test tomorrow.”

“There’s a monster under Sophie’s bed!” Jax explains urgently. Betsy sighs.

“I guess I’ll just have to spray it with some “Monster-Be-Gone,” Betsy says, pulling a spray bottle out from behind the bookshelf. By the time Betsy reaches the bed with the spray bottle, Sophie and Jax have bolted out of the room, leaving the door wide open. Betsy rolls her eyes and sprays. “That’ll do it!” she calls. The twins come back into the room sheepishly and slowly walk around, examining the room. “Now get some sleep, you two. Some of us need to get some shut-eye.” Betsy says irritably after Jax and Sophie both peer under the bed and seem convinced that they are safe.

Betsy lies awake in bed. She doesn’t believe in monsters, but there are stranger things, like the ghosts that haunt the house and stories of aliens from other cities, she thinks. Besides, why would Mom and Dad have given me this spray bottle if monsters weren’t real? Betsy finally falls asleep, and in the morning, her thoughts about whether monsters exist seem silly. Mom and dad probably just got the spray bottle to keep us quiet when we got scared. Besides, Mom loves practical jokes, she tells herself. Monster’s are definitely not real, she thinks firmly. But there is always some doubt…



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