The Chance Legacy: 5.1


Sophie becomes an adult is is proud to be named the heir. It doesn’t take her long to start playing the game. Warren calls to invite her out for drinks, and she pretends to be reluctant but accepts. She loves to toy with him and vacillates between hot and cold, building him up and then tearing him down. She loves manipulating him for that kind of attention, and he is so attracted to her that he doesn’t mind at all.

“You’ve become such a man since high school,” Sophie purrs. Warren flips his hair cockily.

“I’ve been working out,” He lies, flexing his non-existent muscles. Sophie ignores him and lets her eyes wander to a man walking down the street.

“What was that you said?” She asks feigning absent-minded disinterest. Warren’s manly posture isn’t the only thing that deflates.


Despite her skill at manipulating Warren, after a few drinks, Sophie loses her inhibitions and throws herself all over him. She asks him to come back to her place, and things really get steamy…


Sophie leads him to the hot tub, and between bubbles and gasps for air, the two woohoo for the first time. The next morning she wakes up in bed next to Warren and remembers the night before. A girl trying to maintain a legacy could do worse, she thinks to herself. She waits for him to wake up and shower before she talks to him.


“What if I’m pregnant?” Sophie asks frightened.

“Calm down, Sophie” Warren tries. “It was only last night! We have no reason to believe you could be –”

“Pregnant! I can’t believe I’m pregnant! What will it do to my figure? You – You have to move in with me!” Sophie demands, pointing a shaky finger at Warren. “You have to be here to help me through the pregnancy and take care of our child!” Warren gulps and stammers but realizes he can’t argue with her when she’s like this. This will all blow over in a few days when she realizes, he hopes.


Fortunately, it does blow over in a few days.

“I took a pregnancy test,” Sophie tells him. “I’m not pregnant! Isn’t that great?” Warren lets out a sigh of relief but wonders whether it was just another one of her manipulative ploys. “I thought I was gonna have to marry you or something!” Sophie says, baiting her trap. Warren looks at Sophie for a minute. She is so manipulative, but she is also beautiful and rich.

“Will you?” he asks after carefully weighing the pros and cons.

“Will I what?” Sophie asks pretending to not understand the question.

“Will you marry me?” Warren asks, bending down on one knee. “I don’t have a ring — this is a bit sudden” he says apologetically.

“That’s ok! I swiped one from the old lady up the street!” Sophie says producing a giant ruby and gold ring that she “borrowed” in one of her fits of kleptomania. “Would you look at that,” she says. “It fits perfectly.” Thank God the jeweler finished resizing it in time! She thinks hiding a grin and admiring the giant rock on her hand.


Since Sophie doesn’t have any friends, and Warren has very few, they decide to get married on the spot. Sophie is filled with joy to have ensnared the man she loves. Warren is thrilled that he will inherit riches and a mansion. Despite any motives they may have, Sophie and Warren care for each other, and even they experience wedded bliss!


Unfortunately, sadness is soon to follow. Jax tragically dies in a fire caused by his attempt at cooking. Everyone in the family is saddened to see the life of the only decent member of the family cut short. Brianna weeps for days, and Clyde is unable to console her. Sophie’s happiness from her wedding is overshadowed by the death of her brother, who she got along very well with despite their very different personalities. The family has been shocked and devastated by the unexpected death of a young man with so much potential.


Brianna’s sadness over her son’s death has just begun to lift when her time comes. Clyde is heartbroken; he loved Brianna more than she loved him, as she always reserved a little corner of her heart for her dead husband Hector.

With Brianna gone, Clyde has no reason to stay at the Chance Estate. Despite Sophie’s reluctant acceptance of him as part of the family, their relationship only got worse, and he finally left in a rage.


With Clyde gone, Sophie and Warren are ready to start their lives together. Warren gets a job as a critic, and Sophie joins the criminal career. With their careers started, it is just the right time for Sophie’s news.

“I’m actually pregnant this time!” she says happily.

“That’s great! I can’t believe I’m going to be a father!” Warren says kissing his newly pregnant wife on the cheek.


Between work and taking care of his pregnant wife, Warren joins the Complimentary Colors. They love art just like he does and spend their time visiting museums, painting, and critiquing art.

“I certainly do think this painting is meant to portray the depths of the imagination,” Malcolm, the group leader, says pompously.

“I like the use of cold palette of colors!” Mariko says cheerfully.

“No, no, no look at the delicate brushwork and the sweeping strokes. That is truly the genius of this masterpiece. I do think the edges are a little sloppy, however” Warren says, stroking his beardless chin as if musing deeply. As a critic and an art lover, he is in his element.


Sophie spends her free time on less cultured activities such as trolling the forums, hacking accounts, and programming viruses. Sometimes she even goes out to find people to be rude to. If she wants to be a Public Enemy, she has to make as many people dislike her as possible. Unfortunately, she is not able to partake of one of her favorite past times: fighting. No one is willing to physically fight a pregnant woman, so she has to settle for making them storm away in anger. Soon this baby will be out of me, and I’ll be ready to fight again! She thinks happily. Imagine all the enemies I’ll be able to make once I can use my fists and my giant ruby ring to make an impression!

Sophie gives birth to a girl, and she and Warren decide to name her Sylvia. Sophie hopes she’ll be a criminal like her, and Warren hopes she will develop a love for art.


Sylvia becomes a child and is very social. She’s also quite lazy. When she’s not taking naps, she loves to socialize, either with her parents of with kids from school. She is very excited when she finds out she is going to have a baby brother or sister to talk to!


In preparation for the new baby (but really to satisfy Warren’s desire to become a Mansion Baron and Sophie’s love of the finer things,) the Chance family decides to renovate their estate.


To celebrate the renovation of the estate, as well as his birthday, Warren grows a beard and mustache.

“No one will take me seriously as an art critic without these,” he says snootily.

Warren’s new favorite pastime becomes sitting in his art studio for hours on end, stroking his beard and musing about art.


One day when Warren is sitting in his studio, he is shocked out of his reverie by the screams of his wife giving birth of his son! Warren and Sophie decide to name him Spencer. Sylvia is so excited to have a baby brother, and talks to him all the time.


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