The Chance Legacy: 5.2

01.pngSpencer becomes a child, and gets along great with his older sister. His cheerfulness rubs off on everybody in the house!

02.pngSpencer is very creative and spends most of his time drawing. Warren hopes Spencer will become an artist like him, although he can’t imagine his happy-go-lucky boy being a critic of anything.

03.pngSylvia is growing up fast, but is still afraid of monsters.

“Daddy, there’s a monster under my bed!” she screams. Warren gets up from his writing and enters the kid’s room.

“There we go!” he says, spraying the anti-monster spray. “Nothing to worry about now! Now go to bed.” Sylvia crawls into bed, and Warren tucks her in. Although Spencer is younger, he has not yet reached the stage where he is afraid of things and has slept through his sister’s screaming.

“Goodnight, kids,” Warren says quietly.


Sylvia develops a crush on a boy named Naoki. She sees him as a bad boy, and can’t quite explain why she likes him so much. She is too young to really understand or have a relationship, but the two have play dates occasionally. Sylvia worries that he only likes her because her family is rich and has an arcade.

“Wanna see me play on hard mode?” he asks grinning. Sylvia blushes and nods. Naoki is a bit of a show-off, but she doesn’t mind.

05.pngWarren’s has become very successful as an art critic. He has become a Cultural Connoisseur, and even gets fancy beret, blazer, and cravat to wear. In his spare time, he paints, writes, and practices the piano. Sophie still spends her time working on her mischief and programming skills. She has risen through the ranks of her career as an oracle quickly, and is determined to make it to the top. A few more hacks and viruses, and she knows she’ll make it.


Soon, Sophie discovers she is pregnant with her third child. Sylvia who is rapidly approaching her teenage years says “one pain in the butt brother is enough,” in an effort to be contrary, but is secretly excited for another sibling. She and Spencer are actually very good friends, and they rarely argue, but as a girl who is almost a teenager, she feels the need to roll her eyes and feign displeasure. Spencer, of course, with his naturally sunny demeanor, is ecstatic.

“I can’t wait to be a big brother!” he says with a big smile. “I’m gonna teach my baby sibling everything!” Sophie laughs and rumples Spencer’s hair. Even though Sophie is a criminal and Warren is evil, neither of them can resist smiling at the joy of their son.


Sylvia becomes a teenager, and her childhood friend Todd invites her over. She is excited for what she considers her first date. She has inherited her mother’s skill at flirting and wastes no time.

“That vest is so stylish,” she says, stroking Todd’s vest seductively.

“Thanks,” Todd says taken aback but pleased. Todd’s father enters the room, making it much harder for Sylvia to flirt. Sylvia settles for holding Todd’s hand under the table. Finally, Todd’s father leaves the room and goes to bed.

08.pngSylvia pulls Todd up from his seat, and they share their first kiss. Todd grins stupidly, and Sylvia says goodnight. She wanted to have some fun with Todd, but she has other prospects.

09.pngThe very next day, on Sylvia’s first day of high school, Naoki invites her to play hooky with him. While Sylvia got excellent grades in elementary school, she is lazy and would prefer to spend her time on more exciting activities. She meets Naoki downtown and flirts with him. Unlike Todd, Naoki is cocky and unsurprised by her flirting. The two end up making out a lot. She has liked him for a long time, and part of her warns her not blow it, but he other part of her just wants to have fun. She asks him to be her boyfriend, hoping to maintain a relationship with him and continue to flirt with Todd. Naoki says yes, and the two continue to make out.

10It’s not long before Naoki drags her into the closet and leans her up against the door while he kisses her. Sylvia giggles and closes the closet door behind them. Everyone in the club either pretends to ignore them in embarrassment or is amused by them. Sylvia staggers out of the closet with her heart beating.

“Later, babe,” Naoki says, leaving for a jog. Sylvia giggles and pulls herself together. What a great first day of high school! she thinks.

11.pngAnother daughter is born, and Sophie and Warren name her Serena. Everyone instantly adores her since she is the youngest in the family and the last baby to be born. Spencer especially loves his little sister and spends lots of time talking to her.

12.pngSylvia has been on a few dates now, with both Todd and Naoki. When she meets Youssef, she sees another opportunity. She works fast and is quickly kissing him. She hopes her two boyfriends don’t find out about this or about each other.

13.pngSerena becomes a toddler and is very clingy. She needs a lot of care, and since Warren’s job is less demanding outside of work than Sophie’s he cares for her most of time. Warren may be evil, but he adores his little girl and loves to read her to sleep.


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