The Chance Legacy: 5.3

01.pngSpencer loves to play with Serena, even when she makes him play dolls. She mostly chews on them, anyway. He is a very good older brother. Sylvia, who is nearing young adulthood, helps take care of her. Because Serena is clingy, she needs lots of love and attention from everyone in the family. When Sophie and Warren aren’t at work, they spend most of their time taking care of her.  

02.pngSophie is very close to reaching the top of her oracle career and spends her time outside of work hacking and making viruses. She has become a very adept programmer and loves causing mischief, especially when she profits off of it.

03.pngWarren becomes an elder, but Sophie still finds him very attractive. His gray hair makes him look distinguished, which doesn’t hurt his career as an art critic. Despite Warren’s ulterior motives for marrying Sophie, and her love for manipulating Warren, their relationship has grown into something more real.

04.pngSpencer becomes a teenager and continues to be an excellent older brother to Serena. He loves to teach her with flashcards.

“What’s this, Serena?” he asks, holding up a flashcard of a toothbrush.

“Toof-bruh!” Serena says.

“That’s right! Brush, brush, brush!” he says tickling her. Serena giggles.

05.pngLike his sister, Sylvia, Spencer wants to be a Serial Romantic and starts out by sharing his very first kiss with Myra Chauhan when she comes over after school. She is cheerful like him, and the two get along very well. He finds her short black hair unconventionally attractive but also considers her his first step on the path to becoming a true Lothario. He only wishes he looked the part more.

06.pngDuring a second date at the park, Spencer asks Myra to be his girlfriend. He likes her a lot, but can’t help noticing her friend Saanvi Datta, who chats with them both. Saanvi is sexy and attracts him instantly. Myra can’t compete with Saanvi when it comes to attractiveness. He flirts with Saanvi while Myra isn’t looking and makes a note to himself to pursue her later.

07.pngSophie finally reaches the top of her Oracle career. She is very proud of her accomplishment and plans to continue making mischief with hacks and viruses for a long time to come. She could never give up her cool uniform!

08.pngSylvia becomes a young adult and quickly rekindles her relationship with Naoki. They were out of touch for a while because Naoki became a young adult first, but the spark between them is still there.

“That tattoo is so sexy,” Naoki says leering at her.

“I have another one on my lower back,” Sylvia says turning around for him to look. Naoki admires her lower back tattoo and then looks further down to admire her purposely clenched butt. She wiggles it a little and laughs. Naoki laughs too. He find Sylvia irresistibly sexy.

09.pngSylvia is also quick to rekindle her relationship with Todd. While he is much nicer than Naoki, she has always preferred Naoki for his badboy persona.

“I’m so glad you called, Sylvia” Todd says smiling.

“Shut up and kiss me,” Sylvia replies, greedily going in for a kiss.

10.pngSpencer invites Saanvi over and flirts with her. She doesn’t seem to care that she saw him with Myra a few days ago.

“I love your hair,” Spencer says. “It’s really sexy!”

“Thank you!” Saanvi says, flattered.

“I like a girl that’s a little wild,” he says with a wink. Saanvi giggles and fans herself with her hand. He kisses her, and they quickly end up messing around in an unoccupied bedroom upstairs. Myra can never find out about this, he thinks guiltily.

11.pngSerena becomes a child and develops a love of music like her father. She loves to practice piano in her free time.

12.pngSylvia invites Raiden Carmona over. She met him at the park as a teenager and was taken aback by his temperamental moods. Apparently he is insane and evil, but Sylvia isn’t picky.

“Did you know that there’s an underground village?” he asks, digging in the ground with his hands.

Dad isn’t gonna be happy about that, she says kicking some dirt over the small hole to try to cover it.

“Lizard people live down there, you know! I want to conquer them and become their leader!” Raiden says with a maniacal laugh. Sylvia stares at him for a minute.

“You’re much too handsome to become a lizard man,” Sylvia says leaning in for a kiss. What am I doing? she thinks.

“Will you be my lizard queen?” Raiden asks. Sylvia pauses again, stunned.

“Get out.” Sylvia says, putting the palm of her hand to her forehead. Raiden shrugs and walks away. Maybe I should be just a little bit more picky… she thinks.

13.pngWarren reaches the top of his career becoming a Grand Steward of the Arts. He doesn’t plan to retire, and still enjoys painting in his free time. Sometimes, though, he finds it hard not to critique his own art. He rarely gives anything above a C+, even to himself!

14.pngSylvia accepts an invitation to go on a date with Shauyura Ramesh. She finds herself strangely attracted to him, and she asks him to be her boyfriend. It isn’t long before the two of them start fooling around in a bush. Sylvia has to pull twigs out of her hair, but she decides it was worth it.

15.pngWarren finally reaches his aspiration of becoming a Mansion Baron, with a lot worth $420,563. The Chance Estate is large and fancy. He admires the art inside the estate, and thinks the columns on the house are the height of architectural beauty. He knows his marriage to Sophie allowed him to reach his aspiration, but he has grown to love her even more than he did when he married her.


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