The Chance Legacy: 5.4

Note from the author: This is kind of a horrible chapter to post on Valentine’s day, but so be it. I kind of hate it when my sims have aspirations that make them likely to cheat on their partners.  Nevertheless, here it is!

01.pngSophie and Warren find it hard to believe that their youngest is growing so fast. Now that Sylvia is a young adult, and Spencer is nearing young adulthood, Serena is the only child left in the house. Warren knows he is getting older and strives to make the most of his time with his family. He especially dotes on Serena.


“You’re going to be a beautiful young lady someday,” Warren tells her. She has his wife’s beautiful raven hair.

“I’m going to be a famous musician someday,” Serena corrects him. Warren chuckles and gives his youngest daughter a hug.

“I’m sure you will,” he says patting her on the back.

02.pngMeanwhile, Sylvia is still working her way through eligible bachelors. She has been on a few dates with Youssef, and finds herself very taken with him. She finds him exotic and interesting. He unfortunately does not know about her dalliances with other men.

“You’re my Arabian prince,” Sylvia says taking his hand. “My Aladdin.” Youssef smiles. Sylvia is so beautiful and has been nicer to him than many people in Willow Creek. Many people see his turban and think he is dangerous. He is grateful that Sylvia accepts him and understands that all he wants is a peaceful life.

“Does that make you my Jasmine?” he asks, kissing her gently on the cheek. Sylvia answers by kissing him on firmly the lips. She thinks Youssef is very sweet, and almost feels guilty about the date she has scheduled later that very day.

03.pngGengi Shimizu comes over later that day. He is a little bit older than most of the men she dates, but Sylvia finds him distinguished. She loves a mature man. He is also very receptive to her flirtation, and it isn’t long before they are kissing in the gaming room.

Why settle for one flavor when I can have all thirty-one? Sylvia thinks to herself as she kisses Gengi.

04.pngSophie has reached the top of her career and finds she has much more time to herself now that she isn’t striving to climb the ladder. She enjoys swimming in the pool and soaking in the hot tub. She is glad to be part of a legacy family because it has come with a lot of luxuries.

05.pngWarren is also enjoying more free time now that he had reached the top of his job. He has gotten into writing. He especially likes to write poetry. He still paints from time to time when he feels inspired, but he finds that writing is more profitable.

06.pngSpencer is still dating Myra. She hasn’t found out about him and Saanvi. Spencer feels a twinge of guilt as he kisses Myra. Saanvi is very sexy, but Myra is his girlfriend. He hopes she never finds out about what they did…

07.pngSylvia meets Roy Land and Antwan Murdok outside of the club one night. She is quick to take the opportunity to flirt with both of them.

“You both look so classy,” she says.

“Well, you know,” Antwan says, checking his reflection in his phone’s camera with satisfaction. “We’ve gotta look good to find beautiful ladies!” Sylvia laughs much harder than is necessary.

“What about you, handsome?” She asks Roy. “Are you looking for beautiful ladies?”

“I’ve just found one,” Roy says grinning. Sylvia giggles and swings her hips a little. She gives her number to both of them. Flirting is way too easy.

08.pngSylvia meets Tetsu Nakamura the  next day. He is dressed up as if he attended a formal event. His beard is a little too big for her liking, but she thinks he might be rich. He also looks pretty good in a tuxedo. She is quick to start flirting with him, and he seems charmed. She kisses him and then goes on her way.

09.pngRoy Land asks Sylvia on a date to a lounge, and she accepts. He is less good looking in the daylight, she thinks. Nevertheless, she flirts with him and accepts a kiss at the end of their date.

10.pngHer next flirtation is with Nobuya Ikeda. She loves his fluffy blonde hair. He’s unfortunately a bit insane.

“Yarbo?” he asks.

“What?” Sylvia replies, wondering if she misheard him.

“Yarbo!” he insists.

“Oh, whatever,” Sylvia says leaning in to kiss him. He’s not the first crazy man she’s kissed, and he won’t be the last.

Are my standards too low? she wonders to herself.

11.pngSylvia calls Antwan and asks him out on a date. She takes him to a karaoke bar in San Myshuno, but not much singing happens. Unfortunately Nobuya and Tetsu are both there. She waits to go inside until Tetsu leaves. She doesn’t want him of Nobuya to see her with another man. When Tetsu leaves, even though Nobuya is still there, she decides she can’t just stay outside and goes in. She flirts with Antwan and kisses him. Luckily, Nobuya is too busy singing karaoke to notice. Now that she’s kissed 10 different men, it’s getting hard to sneak around!

12.pngWarren dies in the bathroom, and Sophie runs in to see her husband on the cold floor. She hopes he was able to smell the flowers before he died.
“No!” She cries. She has grown to love him more and more over the years. He has proven to be an excellent husband and wonderful father. At least, she thinks, Witnessing his death has allowed me to complete my Public Enemy Aspiration!

13.png“Mommy, it’s going to be okay,” Serena says, hugging her mother. Serena has spent much of the day crying, but makes an effort to comfort her mother. She knows her mother is worried about taking care of her without her husband. Warren doted on Serena, and Sophie is scared to raise a child by herself.

“Thank you, honey,” Sophie says, bending down to hug her daughter.

14.pngSpencer also tries to cheer his mother up.

“Don’t worry, Mom,” he says. “I’m almost a young adult, and I can help you take care of Serena.”

“I can take care of myself!” Serena says putting her hands on her hips. Sophie and Spencer chuckle.

15.pngSpencer becomes and adult and invites Myra over. What happened between him and Saanvi still preys on his mind, so he decides to tell her.

“Saanvi and I…” He whispers the rest of the sentence in Myra’s ear. Myra gasps and takes a step back from him. “I promise, it won’t happen again! I was a dumb teenager. I’m sorry.” Myra narrows her eyes and studies Spencer carefully. She doesn’t know whether she can believe him or not.



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