The Chance Legacy: 5.5

01.png“You cheated on me? With one of my friends?” Myra demands angrily.

“It only happened once!” Spencer says defensively.

“Once is enough!” Myra snaps. “Goodbye, Spencer.” Spencer sighs. Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. Maybe it’s time to pursue other women.

02.pngA newly single Spencer decides to harvest some plants and dig up some rocks. The family is still wealthy in terms of property, but their monthly bills now cause them to break even, if that. Spencer hopes to make a little more money.

Oh the humanity! He thinks as he kneels on the ground. I’m not cut out for manual labor!

Spencer decides a real job might be more lucrative and gets a job as a Clickbait Writer in the Social Media career track. He doesn’t know if he has any applicable skills, but it will bring in some money!

03.pngSylvia now has 6 boyfriends, but her relationships are suffering because she keeps getting caught on dates with others. Naoki sees her flirting with someone else and gets very upset. She then becomes jealous when he flirts with someone else. Sylvia decides she should probably keep her dates at the Chance Estate from now on. But before she goes on any more dates, she makes an effort to fix things with Naoki. He has been her boyfriend for the longest, and she doesn’t want to lose him. At first the conversation is awkward. Eventually the couple manages some mild flirting.

“You know you’re my number one, right?” Sylvia asks, pouting. It has the benefit of being true. Unfortunately, she has no plans of making Naoki her only one.

“Awww, me?” Naoki says, playing along.


04.pngSpencer starts practicing his comedy skill for his social media career. He’ll have to be funny if he wants to gain followers. Much to his family’s annoyance, he’s not.

“What do you call a duck with a toupé?” he asks no one. “Eric! That’s his name!” He can hear the drum beat in his head but then he hears his imaginary audience booing. “You have no sense of comedy!” he says angrily.

05.pngSylvia invites Genji Ikeda over and instantly starts flirting with him. He’s a vampire, and she finds that very sexy. He also has bad boy looks that she loves.

“Maybe you can bite me sometime,” she says, posing sexily. Genji seems to approve.

“Do you really want me to?” Genji asks. “I could turn you into a vampire, you know.” Sylvia grins and nods. How much sexier would she be as a creature of the night?

06.pngGenji hypnotizes Sylvia, and she feels herself go into a trance.

07.pngGenji lifts his arm over his face and transforms. It is a good thing that he has hypnotized Sylvia, because his outfit is horrible! He lunges at her and bites into his neck. Sylvia lets out a satisfied sigh.

08.pngGenji presents her with his wrist and tells her bite. Sylvia’s head is swimming, but she obeys. She feels her teeth pierce his skin and begins to suck his blood.

Over the next few days, Sylvia begins to lose her appetite. Even cereal starts tasting disgusting. Her stomach feels withered, and although she is hungry, eating seems less satisfying. Sometimes after eating, her stomach starts to glow with a strange purple light. Her stomach feels empty, and a strange energy seems to be swirling around inside it.

11.pngDespite Sylvia’s loss of appetite, she has not lost her appetite for love. Sylvia asks Roy Land to be her boyfriend, bringing her total number of boyfriends to eight! She can’t wait until she’s even more irresistible as a vampire.

12.pngSylvia doesn’t have to wait long for her transformation. A couple days after her date with Roy Land, she feels a tingling sensation in her body. A purple smoke swirls around her, and she feels her body rising in thin air.

13.pngSylvia adopts a new sense of style as a vampire. She wears a fitted purple and black high-collared gown that she thinks makes her extremely sexy. She will have to adjust to her new vampire lifestyle, but she is thrilled by how beautiful she looks.


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