The Chance Legacy: 5.6

01.png“Sylvia, you look different,” Serena says while sitting next to her on the sofa.

“That’s because I have transformed into a vampire,” Sylvia says simply.

“A vampire?!” Serena asks frightened. “Are you going to drink my blood?”

“No, silly child,” Sylvia says. “I would not drink the blood of family members.”

“That’s a relief,” Serena says. She has to admit, she thinks her sister looks kind of cool.

02.png“Hey, Sylvi-Oooh!” Spencer says startled. He has been working very hard for little pay and is tired. Her new appearance shocks him.

“You are to call me Lady Sylvia from now on,” Sylvia says regally. “Is that clear?”

“You look different,” Spencer says taking a desperate sip of coffee. “Did you get a new haircut?” Sylvia rolls her eyes at her brother’s attempt at humor. Ever since he got a job in social media, he has been relentless.

“I’m a vampire,” Sylvia, says, putting her hands on her hips.

“I thought you were looking a little pale,” Spencer replies with a grin. “I figured you just needed more iron in your diet–Guess I was right!”

“Quiet, mortal,” Sylvia snaps.

03.pngSylvia goes upstairs and finds her mother.

“Sylvia!” Sophie says startled by her daughter’s sullen appearance.

“It’s Lady Sylvia,” Sylvia replies. “I’m a vampire now, and will be addressed as such.” Sophie grins.

“I’ve always wanted to be a vampire, myself,” she says. “So attractive and powerful…”

“Maybe if you’re lucky I’ll turn you. For now, I’m going into the basement. The lights in the house are much too bright for me. And I think I’ll commission a nice coffin to sleep in. Maybe I’ll even renovate the basement a bit,” Sylvia muses.

“Whatever you say, Lady Sylvia,” Sophie says with a smirk.

04.pngSylvia goes on her first date as a vampire. Unfortunately, even though it is 7:00, it is still light out, and Sylvia and Naoki have to go into the sitting area next to the restrooms to continue the date before her skin burns in the sun. Luckily, Naoki is very attracted to Sylvia especially as a vampire. She finds that being inside at the park isn’t so bad and manages to have a gold medal date with Naoki.

05.pngMeanwhile, Spencer is finding himself lonely. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so he goes out to the bar, hoping to meet some ladies. He meets Avani Kumar, the mixologist and starts chatting her up. He tries a cheesy pick up line on her and fails miserably.

“What’s a beautiful woman like you doing in a place like this?” he asks.

“I work here,” she says, rolling her eyes. Luckily, Spencer thinks quickly and smooths things over.

“Of course! I just–I was just surprised to see such a captivating woman behind the bar,” Spencer says.

“You think I’m captivating?” Avani says flattered. Spencer puts his hands on his hips. I’ve still got it! He thinks! He decides to leave before he screws it up.

06.pngSerena’s favorite thing to do other than playing the piano is playing space explorer!

“I’m not just some pretty princess!” she shouts as she pretends to shoot the laser. “Die, alien scum!” She giggles. This is fun! She thinks to herself. She does wish she had some friends to play with, however.

07.pngSophie becomes and elder. She decides to dress slightly more modestly, with a sweater, longer pencil skirt, and tights. Her sweater still shows her back, so she can maintain some of her sexuality. She dyes her hair, but it is not enough to cover the amount of gray she has. She has no plans of retiring and still hacks and does freelance work when she has the time. I’m not old! She reassures herself.

08.pngSerena also has a birthday.

“What are you supposed to be?” Sylvia asks.

“It’s artsy!” Serena says, taken aback.

“Whatever,” Sylvia says sneering. Despite Sylvia’s attitude, she and Serena have become close. Serena thinks her sister being a vampire is very “retro,” and Sylvia can’t help but admire Serena’s sense of fashion, even if it is a little out there.

09.pngSylvia goes on a date to the Rattlesnake Juice Bar with Todd. unfortunately, she finds herself very thirsty. She has some plasma packs, but she can’t resist getting a fresh drink when she’s around so many delicious smelling sims. She compels Nobuya Ikeda for a small drink, and finds him particularly refreshing. Everyone in the bar is shocked, including Todd. Sylvia realizes maybe she should have taken her drink somewhere more private. Luckily, Todd is so captivated by Sylvia that he seems to forget, and the two have a gold medal date.

10.pngSpencer helps Serena with her homework. She is quite bright, but Spencer likes to offer his help anyway. She is his favorite sister, after all. Sylvia has an attitude and kind of scares him.

11.pngUnfortunately, the family is still struggling financially. They renovated their house too much, and now the bills are too high. Sylvia has taken a job in the political career track, and Spencer has advanced to Simstagram Searcher in his social media career. Serena decides she needs to find a part-time job. She decides to become a barista. It won’t pay much, but it’s something.

12.pngSerena starts practicing her mixology skill, but already finds herself stressed. She hasn’t even started her job yet, but school, homework, and practicing her skills is enough.

13.pngSerena unhappily goes to her first day of work. This outfit is so unfashionable! She thinks.

14.pngSpencer finally gets the courage to invite Avani over. Since he hasn’t dated in a long time, his self-esteem isn’t where it should be. Luckily, she seems quite taken with him. He realizes he certainly has a “type.” He wonders how Myra is doing.

15.pngSpencer and Avani have some fun in the hot tub. Spencer is thrilled since it has been so long. He finds Avani very sexy.

“That was pretty good,” Avani says. Spencer grins and puts his his hands behind his head to relax. “For someone like you, I mean…”

“What do you mean?” Spencer demands.

“I just mean…inexperienced. But don’t worry. I wouldn’t expect you to be. It’s not like you’re that attractive.” Spencer is taken aback by Avani’s rudeness.

“Why are you with me then?” he asks offended.

“You’re a fun distraction?” she says with a grin. Spencer gets out of the hot tub and dries off.

“Maybe you should leave,” he says to Avani.

“I’m sorry,” she says. “It’s just the way I am…My ex-boyfriends have all loved my attitude…”

“Well, I don’t” Spencer says. Myra never treated him like this. Avani gets out of the hot tub and leaves.

16.pngA few days later, Spencer invites Myra over to see how she is doing. He is surprised by how beautiful she looks. She has had a makeover.

“You look amazing!” Spencer says, impressed.

“Thanks, Spencer. It’s good to see you too,” Myra says hesitantly.

“Look,” Spencer says cautiously. “I’m sorry about what happened between us.” Myra puts her hands on her hips.

“I accept your apology,” Myra says. She is not letting her guard down.

“What do you say we give us another try?” Spencer asks, taking a sip of his tea.

“Spencer, you only want to be with me because you think I’m attractive now,” Myra says, crossing her arms. “Besides, after what you did to me…”

“I’ve changed!” Spencer protests. “I haven’t dated for a really long time. I just started dating this other girl, and she turned out to be really mean. What we had was special, even if I didn’t see it then. I’ve always regretted what happened between us.” Myra shifts from foot-to-foot considering Spencer.

“We’ll see…” she says.


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