Bloopers/Funny Pix

Oops! “Well that’s weird…” Duncan murmurs.
The hospital is staffed almost entirely by ghosts…I wouldn’t take their medical advice…
Duncan is a cereal head. Summer looks uncomfortable about it.
Duncan eats a giant bowl of cereal.
11-28-15_4-27-41 PM.png
Duncan thinks shirtless woodworking sounds like as great idea!
11-28-15_6-41-22 PM.png
Bradley eats shrimp cocktail…”Om nom nom nom nom…”
Malcolm Landgraab’s ghost loves shrimp cocktail too. That’s cool, raid the fridge and eat the family’s food. It’s not like you’re dead or anything…
Duncan falls asleep at the computer (just like the author of this blog – only she’s a girl and many years younger!)
Bradley does his maniacal laugh. “Oh no, not again…” Cindy says.
12-01-15_9-27-59 PM
“Keep going, Grimmy! You’re on fire! You need muscles to reap souls!”
12-06-15_6-05-08 PM.png
Lindsey makes a stench, and Summer is disgusted.
12-06-15_6-08-48 PM.png
Lindsey likes trash.
12-08-15_6-15-01 PM.png
“Work those bones, Grimmy!” Cindy shouts.
12-08-15_8-02-18 PM.png
Is Cindy doing yoga or falling asleep?
12-08-15_9-06-35 PM.png
Brantley the evil bartender
12-11-15_8-34-48 PM.png
“C’mon, Dad, you may be a ghost, but you have some stamina in you yet!” Cindy cheers.
12-13-15_6-46-41 PM.png
Jenna, the intrepid child talks casually to the Grim Reaper…
12-14-15_7-49-31 PM.png
Jenna writes on her invisible homework, leaving lots of pen marks on the bar.
01-06-16_6-11-37 PM.png
Landon even reads on the toilet. It seems to soothe him…
01-13-16_7-03-55 PM.png
Preston eats a bagel on a plate, and both can go through solid wood.
01-24-16_12-03-23 PM.png
Allison is double-fisting sleep replacement and instant fun potions and not looking too pleased about it.
01-27-16_6-15-11 PM.png
Landon has a little too much fun in the bathtub… “Wheee!”
01-27-16_6-35-19 PM
The Grim Reaper steals cable
02-14-16_7-00-45 PM.png
Anabelle eats fish tacos (snarf)
02-14-16_7-47-13 PM.png
Ian and Andrew wear the same sweater at the same party… “Well, this is awkward…” Ian says grinning with embarrassment.
02-15-16_6-52-18 PM.png
Anabelle is one of the most enthusiastic salad eaters ever!
Andrew can’t even part with his phone while he’s on the toilet. He’s probably researching new frog species!
Ghosts have managed to set the grill on fire…At least they haven’t broken the plumbing…
06-12-16_8-20-37 PM.png
Looks like Andrew took Brianna’s dare to go streaking…Helloooo world!
06-19-16_5-12-13 PM.png
Hector looks hippie-dippie while reading a book about gardening at the pool.
06-26-16_3-13-03 PM.png
The Thinker: The photo that begins Hector’s career as a male model
07-05-16_5-59-32 PM.png
Jax Chance: Selfie-Worthy
01-05-17_7-12-34 PM.png
Warren does not appreciate his uniform…
01-04-17_8-57-23 PM.png
Warren laughing maniacally at the piano (Shouldn’t that be an organ?)
This was supposed to be a picture of Spencer raising his hands defensively when accused of cheating, but he really looks like he’s trying to cop a feel…
03-26-17_4-45-47 PM
Like all sims, Serena sure does love her grilled cheese!
07-11-17_8-41-33 PM
Sylvia knows that human food makes her sick, but she won’t stop eating it!



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